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Can anyone give me any information about the new Melanoma injection, I am looking into the use of this injection and wonder if there is anyone out there that has already used it yet, and what the outcome was on their dog??

I need the information ASAP because we have just been diagnosed with a malignant Melanoma...and time as you all know is of the essence.

I do hope that someone can help

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Hi there Wanda, I will give it a look see and hope that it gives me some answers, I know that this vaccine is only at the research level so hope that it will apply to the type of melanoma that Jas has. Thanks for the link, will try and understand it, you will probably understand a lot better than me....
Hope this helps! You might also check out www.dobermantalk.com/.../5385-isabelles-last-melanoma-shot.html John
NEW VACCINE: A new vaccine is being tested around the country to treat advanced melanoma. It's called OncoVEX. It's currently having very positive results and is in the third phase of the study. In phase two, involving 50 patients with metastatic melanoma, eight recovered completely and four partially responded to the vaccine. The vaccine was initially developed to combat the herpes virus. Researchers discovered accidentally that the vaccine attacked cancerous tissue when it was inadvertently placed in a Petri dish of tumor cells. OncoVEX includes an oncolytic virus -- a reprogrammed virus that has been converted into a cancer-fighting agent that attacks cancer and leaves healthy cells alone.

Darilyn Greenhow
Researcher Coordinator
Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, IL
(312) 563-2330
Thank you very much for the info, I will try and read the link that you have sent me, It is just a shame that I can't phone the number that you have given me, But Chicago is just a wee be too far to call, But thanks again I will give it a read and again hope that I can understand what is written, Dee and the gang
Try this then-it is closer to you. These people are working on a vacine, but it too is still in clinical trials. John


Scancell Limited
Department of Clinical Oncology
City Hospital
Hucknall Road
Telephone: 0115 823 1863
Fax: 0115 823 1863
Thank you very very much for this I will give it to my vet and see what she has to say, again thanks...
Dee I live in suburban Chicago. Rush is a terrific hospital. Let me know if you want me to call them for you. I can perhaps get an email for them so you can write or anything else you might need. My son had an experimental procedure done there several years ago and found them to be just wonderful. Please just ask, I am more than happy to get any info you need.

That is a link to a site that has a few US trials going on. Maybe you could email them and ask them if they know of anything also being done in the UK.
Have sent them an email, so thanks for that, and I may get back to you re phone calls etc, so hope that they will reply, but my vet is deffinately on the ball, she is really good. I have every faith in her. (She too has an Irish Setter,) I know she will go that extra mile for my Jasmine.(though I know that she would do this for any animal)
Deesorry to hear this fingers crossed that you can get a vaccine that works...hugs to you and the gang especially Jas x
Hi Dee, all the best with these injections for Jas. I haven't heard of this injection, so I hope it works extremely well. Look forward to updates with good news.
Thank you ladies Jas bless her doesn't know that there is anything wrong with her, jumping around like a two year old, so fingers crossed that a. she can have this injection and b, that it works
Thank you all for your thoughts, she is so worth helping such a wonderful old lady...Dee and the gang
Hi Dee, sorry to hear the news about Jas and hope the vaccine sorts her out and she gets better asap. Glad to hear she still has a spring in her step! x
Hi Dee, So sorry to hear this, Sending lots of love, hugs and keeping fingers and paws crossed on this side of the water




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