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We are thinking of returning to the UK in a few years time when we will have only two dogs, buying a motor-home and travelling around the UK/Europe. Anyone else done this and would you recommend it?

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Well we've got the motorhome, but it will have to wait til we retire...and have fewer of the large red dogs, as only 2 fit in comfortably, for any length of time!

That said, we have some great long weekends and weeks away all over the place in this country. Only been doing it for a year, but take every opportunity, and the dogs have taken to it like you wouldn't believe.

I am planning a round the coast of Britain tour for a couple of years time.....Maybe we'll meet you on the road!

10 years ago we took our young red setter to wales camping.The poor animal came back with a bald neck it spent all its time on the lead;Wall to wall sheep everywhere.One large area of beach opposit the university of Swansea allows dogs all year round

We have a small VW California T5 'camper' since we have Joy - not really a motor-home but large enough for two persons plus one Setter, in summer time. We toured Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Northern Italy and Hungary and passed through France, Sweden and Czechia (without overnight stay). You need a pet passport and for the northern countries the rabies titers and regular vaccination. Also some countries like Norway have special deworming rules. I got a pamphlet with all the information at the vet and with some countries checked with the consulate before touring. The only country that is a no-go with the dog is Island - it still has a four weeks quarantine on entering.

I can only recommend touring with your dogs - for us it is the best way to travel. When you like a place, you stay longer and when it does not suit you, you can just go on. Most campgrounds are great for dogs and there are camp-guides that tell you, where dogs are allowed and where not. Joy likes all the hustle and bustle on the camp-grounds - near Venice you can hear the pheasants, in Germany you find rabbits on the camping and in Norway lemmings - it's never dull for a Setter. You can find a lot of photos on my tour blogs joyontour and a photo of the VW and a very young Joy here home-from-home. When you come on tour with your dogs, have a look at the small bus with the red dog in it :-).

Thanks Cornelia. We enjoyed reading through your blogs and they have certainly reassured us that this can work for us. Really good advice about maintaining the rabies and general vaccination programmes and the worming. 




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