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Aware I seem to have uploaded loads of pics (I am using the storage on this website) and that only yesterday I asked about dog coats ...... But Today I have a sick pup and well at risk of making this site the Murphy Forum I wonder can you advise on this too......


Started a week ago today actually...... loose bowel (normal colour) then seemed to get worse (various colours) so I did the resting his stomach then introducing light food (eggs and chicken) but that didnt seem to work...... I should say he was behaving exactly the same as usual in great humour and being naughty funny boy he always is ........ Anyhow I called the vet and picked up some wormers on friday after work and was told to wait till tuesday to see improvement ..... It didnt really happen and he bagan to get a bit unlike himself and still the loose bowel ..... Anyhow today I walked him but kept him on the lead to make sure I seen what he was passing (murphy seems to hide in long grass to poo normally) and to my horror it was black tar ..... I called the vet and they asked me to come up right away ..... He examined and then scanned him for his temp (which was fine) but has prescribed metronizadole and an anti imflamatory for his bowel (he had collitis before and its the same drug) ....... When he got to the vet he was a happy puppy waging his tail and wanting into everything but listening to instructions and doing them ..... Which made the vet think fortunately its not too serious .... but we have to see how he goes till early sat morning and if no improvement they will take him for x ray ..... I am fairly confident in his judgement .......


But how on earth do I stop the little bandit picking up all sorts in the field horse manure and even dog poo and then eating it? Even when on the lead if he sees it before me its gone ! Not all though  there is some that even Murphy doesnt fancy! Vet says his dog is exactly the same and that its common....... Is it ? your advice appreciated as I do tell him no and click him back on if he does it, I try the drop it command (which works with paper etc) but that doesnt work with disgusting stuff!

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I have no helpful hints regarding the eating of disgusting tidbits as I have the same struggle myself!!! Or maybe I should claify that COSMO has this habit ... not actually me!!!

The dark, tarry poo means blood ... so definitely treat it seriously. Glad you went to the vet quickly. My Trudy got this fairly often when she got tapeworms, which was fairly often given her penchant for eating disgusting tidbits ... see above. :) Her last week with us, she again developed this symptom and I rather dismissed it as "just tapeworms again" and treated her thusly. A few days later, she died from internal bleeding. Still totally breaks my heart to think about it ... the vet says they probably couldn't have saved her even if we had known a few days earlier, but I will never really know. SO. Glad that you are watching it carefully and it is likely nothing serious. Best wishes. Gigi
Thanks, he seems full of buttons this evening stealing everything possible and when he cant steal he seems to be planning ! (if I could just move that chair I could reach) .. Strangely he hasnt done anything since lunch time but that said he is almost being starved again .. Vet tells me that a little blood can look awful in the poo, he may have caused a small bleed with something he has ate... I am being positive if checking everything he does ! Sometimes I believe he really does communicate with me through his singing etc but oh what I would do if it meant he could say mum it hurts here! Fingers crossed he gets better soon x
Poor guy. I hope your vet gets a handle on things quickly. The fact is isn't laying around but his happy self is a great sign that things will work themselves out. My dog has eaten poop before. And other dogs vomit once even. It is common.
Mine doesn't do it normally but once in a blue moon when he is super hungry he will find something disgusting and we then go right home. His punishment for it. He found a dead frog today and until I screamed when he brought it to me, legs dangling out of his mouth, did he drop it and run off. We use the Leave It command and for us it does work very well. But I have to catch him before he gets it!
I seem to remember reading on one of the IS sites about dogs eating other dogs poo, there is a proper name for it and I think it means they are lacking something in their diet, will have a search and find it. As for horse poo etc, I think all dogs do this, definatly work hard on the leave it command, this works with my lot!!!
Any advice greatly appreciated ... Many thanks
Eating faeces is called Coprophagia. There is no known reason for dogs doing this (maybe it tastes good but I'm not going to try it to find out)
I don't have any advice, but I wish you and Murphy all the best. I'm glad your vet is continuing to monitor his health and I hope his recovery continues.
Cheryl, I havent used these vets before but so far so good .......
I was just checking in to see how your Murphy's tummy is doing? It seems nicer to ask about his tummy rather than his bowels!! Gigi
Gigi, I think he is doing great, slight blip today though I will explain ! Yesterday he was in fine form so I decided to drive to my parents for coffee... Murphy must have misheard coffee for dinner?!?, they have a slightly older pup and do things differently from me and leave food out for him...... Not only did Murphy scoff up Shane's food he then decided to empty the bucket and have some left over tatties too ..... Shane is on a different dog food so I am putting the looseness down to that as he has just one more day on tabs and he is on top form .... Wheras maybe my parents are recovering by now ....... Two completely different natures of dogs Murphy entered like a whirwind and certainly made himself at home!
Well then, he certainly sounds like he's well given his SETTERISH behavior!! Glad to hear it. And by the way, canned pumpkin puree (about 3 tablespoons) with no pumpkin pie spices in it, of course, it a miracle cure for firming things up after eating "forbidden" food stuffs!! Best wishes, Gigi
Hi Delia, took up your suggestion and joined this site. Murphy certainly didn't look unwell the other day when he was all for playing with Rosie who was being her usual grumpy self. Seems to be on the mend though.




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