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Maybe it's strange (or stupid) idea to talk in English about dogs names in many languages.
But I like very much word games.
When I was on dog show for a very first time, I got a catalogue. After show I started to read it and I discover huuuuuuuuuge word, names resources. After each show we started with friends our own contest to find the most funny, crazy, original, excentric (only positive intension) name of dog or kennel. I always admire word-formative imagination, new meaning of old words with new combination or construction, try to find etymology of name, etsettera...
One of my favourites was/is PODKOŁDERNIK JADOWITY - name of dachshunds kennel, and now I try to translate it in English: UNDER = POD; QUILT, DUVET = KOŁDRA, so QUILTER, DUVETER = KOŁDERNIK (in Polish new word), VENOMOUS = JADOWITY.
For me UNDERQUILTER VENOMOUS is a fine, crazy and funny affix for dachtshunds kennel.
But I know there is a tradition to honour some very important dogs in names of their descendants.
We have the most important names of dogs and kennels in setters history. In other countries there are some rules for preparing litters names. Some breeders have their own rules for giving names.
Maybe somebody could tell us a story about origins of his/her kennel or belowed dog name.
For me and my friends inventing of dogs names for pedigree is a fantastic game.
For example my dogs surname is BAJKOWE RUDZIELCE. It comes from Bajka (house name of my first setter ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET z Arislandu). BAJKA (FAIRE TALE) is quite popular name for bitch also in pedigrees. Word BAJKOWE has two meanings: whose - Bajka's and
which - fairy tale like = fabulous, mythical, splendid, beautiful....
RUDZIELCE is plural from rudzielec = person (or animal) with red hair.
So BAJKOWE RUDZIELCE is a homonymous name which gives plenty of possiblities to imagination.

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Will just give you meaning of Clannrua CLANN is gaelic(irish) for family,offspring or children RUA is gaelic for red or red hair of people or animals as in madra rua( which is name for fox in irish) but literally is red dog!!!! Madra is irish for dog.
So RUDZIELCE and RUA have the same meaning!! ;o))
This could be a nice topic to be lifted up again... dont you think?! :-))

Maybe it is ok to talk about names generally, like how do you choose the names for litters? Do you use a certain letter and alphabetical order or something else? Themes?

I've had so far only one litter and that was a pepper-litter (Pepper-Up Potion, Hot Jalapeno, Sergeant Pepper, Chili Pepper, Happy Habanero, Cheeky Cayenne, Turkish Pepper, Salt-N-Pepa, Dr Pepper) with my prefix GottaGo. For me the use of a theme was quite easy, it gave me much more freedom than sticking to the alphabetical order.

I like the names that combine two kennels like Jonola Takin' Liberties with Thendara, Shenanagin Some Might Say It's Bardonhill, Kerrsienna A Paige in History for Deaconara, etc.

Some of the best names are naturally in Finnish, but I don't even try to translate them...
I too have used themes rather than the alphabet! So far I have used Irish rivers('04 litter) Irish mountains('07) and Irish lakes('08) but I am not a fan of very long names like the ones mentioned! Just my personal preference to keep it short and sweet ;o))
tell us more about GottaGo!!!!
Thanks Carmel and Johanna for your posts. I wasn't much sure does this topis work. Maybe slowly with your help it will go.
We all have red setters and now we know Irish and Polish name for red hair, try Johanna give us some words for this in Finnish. And a question - why Happy Habanero is connected with pepper. I don't understand.
I like this combinated names too, because in this name you can read some story about dog.
I've read with pleasure Henk discussion abour Adams and Eves of our dogs. There are some famous and historical names of setters. Does anybody know, does it happen in our days that somebody gives a name Palmerston for his dog in pedigree. I'm thinking - somebody dares(???) to give this name.
Do you know Renata's blog dated some days ago about symbiosis between her daughter and her setter girl - there is some nice game with Latin names of dogs, very funny indeed.
Habanero is kind of a pepper too. The hottest there is, I suppose!? As is Jalapeno, Cayenne pepper, chili pepper, etc. Pepper-Up Potion comes from... does anybody recognize...?! :-)) One suggestion I had in my mind was Peppermint Patty, not much to do with peppers, but heck... this was MY way of handling the pepper theme. :-)

Ok, I'l try to find some Finnish examples. But it will be hard to "translate" those...
all the names i do NOT recognize are usually in connection with Harry Potter... never read or seen it and not really interested either. (sorry for disappoint some of you and yes, i am a good person despite this fact!). so tell me Johanna, is it mr potter-related? :-)))
You're right! But I think you _knew_ that, we've already discussed these with you earlier... haven't we? :-)))
maybe, but i think i kind of forgot? getting old, you know...




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