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Hi there! is it simply my impression or this forum is drying up a bit? I would hate to lose it, but at the same time I reckon that I havent been here as much as I used to do for a bit  (I have also travelled for 5 weeks...) and when i went back i havent spotted many discussions..

Maybe is just my impression !! (and, at least talking about Europe, with all the water that we are having we are quite busy in getting dry and sorting things and less time for nice chats and discussions :(

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Thanks Susan!

Unfortunately there will always be mean people in this world, but a discussion like this makes me believe there are many good people still here in ES - much more than bad people!!! And it's worth being here for all the nice guys that remain here. I'm hoping this may be the beginning of a new succession of healthy and interesting discussions! 

I'm sad you are still fighting for Hobson, but at the same time glad. As long as you are fighting it means he's still with you. He certainly deserves a great mom like you!

I look forward to hearing all about Misty!!

Hi, I'm still here and I don't intend to leave this place. ES is a wonderful site with a wealth of infos, stories and photos of  our beautiful and wise dogs.

Btw, Caterine, I don't believe in such a quiz. It's a kind of game, nothing more.

I don't use Facebook and I don't intend to do this.

A year ago I had a feeling that there are people interested in destroying this site. They expressed so much negative power, bad intensions,  aggresion towards other members. So if they moved to FB or anywhere, good luck! But we lost also many very nice and  valuable members. It's a shame.

We have a lot of new members. I believe this site can be again more lively.

I post very rarely now because I am a master in inventing new duties for myself. So free time is a problem all the time.

But I'm still thinking of new blogs, I have some ideas but I need more time  (and weather - spring)  to take photos

Thanks all for replying! is nice to see that people are still interested: yes, things change and evolve and we all have less free time from time to time (i am also a culprit since I dont post much but i have been quite busy at work during the last months!) - but the amount of friend and information in this forum is unbelievable so .. long life to ES:)

and, Teresa, so sad that you have been bulled.. forget about: some people just wish to upset others, better to ignore  :(

Not intend on leaving either! :)  ES is still a great source of information (better than Facebook I feel) but I often use the SEARCH for instant advice - most topics have been discussed at some point - rather than to add another discussion.

I come on here from time to time also ;) Not as often as before, perhaps a bit soured by some unpleasant members from last year!!

I must make an effort to pop on more often and contribute, as I did at the beginning in 2007 ;)

Posting photos today to start!!




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