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Just to update you all, Ollie is back home tonight. All xrays were clear, they really don't know what was wrong with him, poor mite threw up 6 times in total.  But he's been a lot perkier so the IV and the injection did the trick, and he's come home tonight and having lots of cuddles and now he's sleeping after having had a sniff round to check his house is still in order.  Just got to monitor him closely and not walk him for another 24 hours just to allow him to recuperate from it all.
Thanks so much for all your support, you all really don't know how much it meant to me and Dan.  Just so glad to have our boy back home, the only sad thing is is the vet set maybe he picked up some sort of weedkiller or something from the park so there's a possibility that we will have to streetwalk him on the lead only for the foreseeable future until the council can advise us if and when they spray the park, am not prepared to put him through that again.
And if any of you don't have your dogs insured (I know it's different if you have several) then PLEASE do it, the vets have done a direct claim with petplan tonight and saved us having to fork out £470 in bills.  I cannot cannot recommend it enough.
Nicky, Dan and Ollie x x x x

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Oh wow, I missed Ollie's story. I'm sorry he's been so poorly, you must have been worried sick.

Get well soon Ollie.

Dawn R.
Glad he is home Nicky, Puzzled though by his symptoms. Two or three dogs in recent months in UK have had severe gastric symptoms someimes with fairly spectacular bowel evacuatuis too.

there are a couple of weedkillers that local authorities use which are a bit questionable in content. do you walk on the golf course? They are particuarly bad for using a parqquat based weed killer but the clue there is usually that the pads on the feet look slighty "burnt.

Do watch where your puppy is drinking too. Its been warm and being a diog is thirsty work and most cars in UK have come through a hard winter with increased levels of anti freeze. Dont let your puppy drink out of puddles.

What is everyone usung to clean down patios and paths.

Again I am tempted to look at slugs and snails as high on my list for Setters, they get caught in feathering and a dog grooming itself will easily ingest these.

Puzzle to be sure. Lots of TLC and light diet and you should be out of the wood
We walk on a cricket ground, I've contacted the council today to ask what they use but his pads look fine. He only ever drinks out of his ater bowl and we wash our patio with water and a scrubbing brush - is hard work bt theres no question of us using cleaners out there. The vet is as bemused as us but main thing he's home and recovering. Peeing ALL the time, I guess thanks to being on IV for 24 hours!
Great news, keep up the cuddles,
Hi Nicky,
That's wonderful news. Me, Maeve and Bridget send loadsa huggles to Ollie. I totally agree about insurance, expensive though it is, and I don't feel so bad about my weedy path any longer. Bill keeps wanting to put stuff down, but I prefer hand weeding for safety. Not saying whose hand though!




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