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Owning a Setter really isnt like owning a dog :-)

Murphy will be two in December and never have I known a boy like him (have had dogs for well over 30yrs) and since joining this site I realise that we all have very similar experiences of their fun and naughty moments. I still meet folks who say oh they are daft as a brush,why did you pick an Irish Setter? but I have given up correcting them as Murphy usually wins them around, and I think he is a pretty good judge of character so if he can't win them round I generally don't bother.
I enjoy reading of al your experiences and their antics! I think folks mistake a setters ability to know how to show off and make us laugh as sillyness. But their compassion and willingness to please shines through!
Now only yesterday he was in attention seeking mode but this afternoon I came home full of a horrid virus and was feeling really rubbish and went to bed, up he came looking for me think he wanted to play our usua hide and seek but I said no Murph not now. He stood on the bed looked at me as if he was deciding is she being dull or is she sick, he then lay down on his side facing me licked my face and cuddled in with a paw on my shoulder. We stayed there until my husband came in and he could hand over caring to him and resume being a setter boy. He believes the house is his no boundaries, he can open al the cupboards he still believes our socks and shoes are just on loan to us and that the best place for them is outside yet I can take him to visit my nearly 100 year old granny and he morphs into gentle well behaved Murphy!

So share your experiences here as I think we all enjoy reading and sharing our stories :-)

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My first Irish Setter Penny lived with my sister whilst I lived and worked in Germany. Penny knew the letters which I had sent home. My sister recalls that she would no sooner open the letter and Penny would sneak away the envelope and lay with her head resting on it looking all sorrowful as though missing her 'mummy'. Irish are very sensitive creatures and I love them all the more for that. Nite Nite Pen Pen..x

You're so right Delia when you say 'owning a Setter isn't like owning a dog' they're unique. I grew up with Wire Haired Terrier, Standard Poodles,Rough Collie, Doberman,all lovely in their own right but nothing like our Reds. Our Reds free spirited, intelligent and such a joy to be with no two days are the same and it's almost impossible to outwit them but who would want to!

I totaly agree with you! Owning a setter is not the same as owning other breeds. I've had a variety of dogs over the years an there is nothing quite like a setter! When people ask me how many dogs I currently have I usually answer: 3 dogs and 2 setters! My girls light up every second of my day!

Just this week my little puppy got very sick and had to be hospitalized. I've just pick him up looking skin and bones! I was worried all week long and Pitanga refused to leave me for even a second. Every time I picked up the phone to call the vet she sat next to me with her paw on my knee. Romã kissed my free ear the entire duration of the calls.

They are unique! I don't even care anymore when people call them stupid or hyperactive or whatever! I just smile and think about what they are missing! Plus, my girls change people's minds everytime =)


I just let my Miss Molly work her magic on people.....does not take long before they remark on what a personality she has....and how smart she is on top of the well behaved ....but most of all it is her charm and sweet ways that lures them in first.  She truly has been a wonderful representative for being a rescued Irish Setter.....only problem is they want one just like her ( all trained).  Not sure how popular we should wish they were...not wishing to go back to the early 70's here when they were over bred and allowed to just run amuck as people did not understand their unique ways,  I know we all have to be a newbie once with our Irish Setter's training us to be perfectly besotted Irish Setter owned but hope that they will never become the "IT" dog to have again.  I rather like the fact that most people don't realize how wonderful and loving and DEVOTED an Irish Setter is.....and that is on top of their comical antics that makes living with them full of laughter and joy and shared adventures. 

 I never thought when we fell in love with that first Irish Setter puppy that 38 years later our home would still be ruled by an Irish Setter.  Best part about Miss Molly has been watching her with Alan.....man who said no more dogs.  She has him so twisted around her little paw that he is putty in her paws,,,,,,,,,whatever Molly wants Molly gets !!  I have so enjoyed watching her just charm him to pieces and then pull one of her fast ones on him ( laugh harder at his reaction than at Molly's antics),  Latest this week is the newspaper issue........I taught her to retrieve the newspaper from the front yard and she does a great job of doing it....lately trying to put two in her mouth at same time but Alan just tells her to go get the paper.......which works fine except she also knows paper can be just paper, envelopes etc so if she is feeling left out  by Alan watching tv or reading she will promptly prance into the room carrying a piece of paper so he will praise her..........and she gets the praise and reaction she is looking for but also has him convinced that there never has been an Irish Setter as smart as she is....now we have to ask her to get the newspaper for us Alan says ( he still has not figured out she is playing him big time) instead of just saying paper.  Wondering if he will ever figure out the paper ploy she is using to get his attention focused on her which is where she thinks it belongs 24/7.  Just amazing to me that after all those years with my male Irish it is like Alan has just discovered how awesome they are! 

Summer is my first Irish Setter, and I am in total awe of her.  I have always had dark red Golden Retrievers, of which you don't see anymore, and last year I fulfilled a life-long wish for an Irish Setter.  She is beyond smart, intuitive, to the point of being scary, and has been this way from the beginning.  I wish I had a dollar for every person, who relates their stories of relatives, friends who had Irish Setters saying they were so beautiful but quite dumb.  Of all the dogs I've owned, I have never experienced this level of intelligence.  Her eye contact was there from the start.  She listens to my conversations, picking up words she knows, and will bring any toy, even distinguishing, the difference between "goose" & moose".  People have commented, that she is "human" and one said "she needs an Agent"  It is such a joy, living with her, and can't imagine ever having any other breed.  I have totally loved all my dogs, but there is really something special and unique about the Irish.

Just realised we don't own our ISs they own us!!

SHH seems your IS were keeping that fact a secret !  We are the ones who bow to their wishes as far as whims ....in their choice of food, play, toys ......and for a lot of us where we are allowed to sit after they pick the choice spot for their own pleasure.  I woke up last night to my Molly sitting on my tummy....front feet dangling over the side....she sat that way for five minutes ....upon waking Alan he informed me Molly must want me out of  the bed so she could sleep in a warm cosy spot!  I am fighting a losing battle with him and his indulgences for Molly which is hilarious still to me.  38 years of having Irish Setter's in our home and it took the first female Irish Setter to bowl him over!!  :)  ( Don't worry I do insist on proper manners from her.....just wish I had better luck with him!!)

A setter is NOT a dog!!!  They act and think like humans (well, better than a lot of so called humans)  A setter is a companion, a loved one who gives much more love in return with no strings, a faithful partner. I for one could not live with out a setter.

I totaly agree with you MOM

I agree with all the comments here.  I will admit I am insane about my dog.   I totally adore him and think he is the most awesome dog.  Smart and cunning, charming and clownish.  Wins hearts daily.  People always stop you to ask about your irish and want to touch him.  And of course the same story... my aunt (cousin, grandfather, nephew, neighbor etc.) used to have one when I was a kid, that dog was crazy but loveable.  Memorable for sure, since everyone never forgets an irish they knew as a kid.  I often tell them how wonderful the breed is and they should consider owning one.  Then I think shhhhhhhh don't let them know that Sue!!  I don't want to see an irish setter on every block.  Part of the fun in owning one is there aren't many around.  Best kept secret for sure. 




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