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As an interim measure until the official register provided by the Kennel Club is fully up and running, the SEISC has decided to offer an opportunity for owners to post their recent PRA rcd4 DNA test results.
This will be on our PRA rcd4 page.
This is available to all owners worldwide not just SEISC members and will be in a similar format to that already used by the Kennel Club.

For further details please see the Club website www.seisc.co.uk.


Listing will be available sometime today - slight kink in my "html"  !!

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Wonder what, exactly?  What are you implying?

why they are not tested / why the results are not published / etc.


Surprised if everybody doesn't share the same ashtonishment.

Thanks Camilla!! ;-))

Johanna, have you thought of the possibility that some of the males you are talking about could have parents who have been tested and are clear so they could be hereditarily clear.  These dogs will not come up on any lists as only tested dogs are listed.  If you are interested in a particular male and he is UK registered just go on the KC website, go into Dog Breeding, scroll down to Health Test Results Finder, type in the name of the dog and with any luck his status for PRA rcd-4 should come up.

Please investigate all avenues before you make any judgements.

No judgements done... Just plain wonder. Plus I was not aware of all the sources. Thanks! :-)

i have the results becom today

kimberly and kinston ofthe travlin star are clear

mother charmain of the travlin star x ireleith hagar

i am verry happy

Ch Shadowvale Fleetfoot Mac - carrier. Ch Shadowvale Annabelle - clear. Have just received the replacment kit for Ch Amhurst Shadows of Eire. He ate the first swab and the second one was clearly contaminated. Will get some helpers to collect the next sample!!

Good to see your results, Helen, Rieky and Carmel! 

Carmel  I hope all goes well with the 2nd set of swabs for Brodie.  He is such a character!!!


Cheryl  (Just back on-line after having computer problems for last 2 weeks)!!!

Hi Cheryl,

I have the vets from my surgery coming up for drinks on Friday will try and talk them into helping me collect from "The Brode". Have a Great Christmas and New Year. On the countdown till April!



we have good news for Christmas :

Enjoy little heart de la cour saint florent (victoria de la cour saint florent x carnbargus connoisseur) - carrier

Victoria de la cour saint florent (milady de la cour saint florent x toirneach calog is back) - clear

Cotton Candy de la cour saint florent (phebe de la cour saint florent x sumaric shadows of mr jingles) - clear

Fergal Finlay de la cour saint florent (cotton candy de la cour saint florent x ardbraccan noble spirit at trawricka) - clear

As ardbraccan noble spirit at trawricka is clear too, all the F litter from Cotton Candy is clear

Great news for you all at Christmas!

Dady Robin, Ardbraccan Noble Spirit at Trawricka, is happy !!!! Great news !!!!




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