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Gosh I hold my breath every time I chick on this web site- it is nerve-racking. I am delighted for the dogs that are clear, disappointed for the carriers and so very upset for those affected.  Just want to know what support and guidance is offered to those who don't get the clear result? I know folk on IS have said kind words ect - but what is available, on a semi formal level, for those owners/breeders with carriers and worst still those who are genetically but not yet clinically affected? Fingers crossed for those still waiting x

Reply for Sue:

 Where did I say "I don't like the looks or characteristics of setters"?

What I did say is inbreeding (incest ) is wrong and I believe, contributing to health problems in the breed!

Really Sue, you make mountains out of molehills every time!

I have not been rude, insulting or derisive to anyone...........perhaps the truth is 'hitting home' and hurting a little?


I have read through all the comments I have made and as far as I am concerned I have not been rude to anyone!!

I also appreciate that there are some, wonderful, caring breeders out there....I know some myself!

If you think inbreeding (incest) is what it takes to breed a good quality dog then that's your opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs.

I have stated all along that in my opinion and the opinion of the specialist I have been speaking too, inbreeding (incest) can cause health problems!!

Now whats wrong with that?     I'm sure you will let me know!


hi maggie agree with everything you have written but cant help but click on to see what is been posted on the subject it is quite upsetting to read what is been put.my nerves are shattered by it all. i have written in the post previously but now its gone on to genetics/breeding i have very little knowlege or experience to make any comments.
as i see it whats happened in the past as happened its about the future theres testing there to be done so then responsible breeding can eradicate tthe problem and last of all for people to be supportive to all those owners and breeders of affected dogs.,they need it

Amen to that Lyn!!!! and don't put yourself down I am sure that you could get your head around all of this genetic stuff...If I can anyone can...lol..;o)

Hi Mel,  interesting that the COI of Val's bitch is as high as that so she is line bred and so far no problems.  Val is not speaking from direct experience then, just from theory.

I agree with you, it is not easy being a breeder and can be heartbreaking.  Those who have never bred a litter have no inclining.....the less they know the louder they shout.

Reply to Eva which is not showing in the right place (very distracting!):


LOL Eva - I've calmed down a bit now!   But I do wonder what Val would make of my very first Irish Setter litter - a litterbrother/sister mating - the bitch I kept got the Bitch CC & Res BOB under the late so-lamented Jimmy James...

Hmmm, shall I be Jekyll, Hyde, or Frankenstein I wonder???

I was intersted to read all the comments on %s and line breeding...I was corrected by Eva re Averages...the numbers that are shown in Genetics are actually Average Percentages...That said....

I will try and clarifie the average percentages for everyone...

Putting it simply:- from 2 carriers the Average Percentages affected means within an infinate litter 25% will be clear, 50% will be carriers and 25% affected this I hope we all know now...

If however you mate two carriers. 25% will be clear however the chance of getting all clears in a litter of just say 5 puppies is less than 0.1% so (0.25 to the power of 5) on average you will get 1  affected, 3 carrers and 1 clear = very bad idea (it was said somewhere in this discussion that combination could be done) As some of you like reading...please go the Douglas Falconer's book introduction to Quantitatve Genetics. And all will be clear to you...

As 'average percentages' in genetics, are 'averages' and can varey but not by very much...its all in the sience.

As far as line breeding in concerned (in breeding if it goes wrong) yes this will bring out a lot of atributes because you are passing two (or whatever the mode of inheritance is) lots of genes together....and any problems or atributes will show up..so that is why I say line breeding is OK when it works if it goes wrong....well problems can arrise. 

Or does someone know anything different I am sure someone will let me know that I am totally  wrong... 

Thanks Dee....... thats exactly what I have been saying all along!
Making cheap jibes at someone with Dyslexia is far from amusing but not unexpected!
Oh don't stop Susan humer is what is wanted here at the moment...sorry Val I didn't take it as an insult, but thanks for the thought...I hope/think that Susan and I have the same kind of humer...I B hope so!!!...OMG Susan did I spell something else wrong,,,,still haven't got the spell check working yet....
Oh its intended Susan, That has always been the scietific view, but dont quote me on that one..lol..and we are after all trying to get out heads around science eh???




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