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Hi Silvia, no they have been examined  by Proffesor  Bedford  and are  clinically clear, thanks she  s  fine.

Ynez passed away the 24th of June at the age of 11y and a half.

She had the first symptoms at the age of 6. She was completely blind when she was 10 y old.

She was in the research programme of AHT.

This is the answer I received from AHT:

The research sample from "Ynez of Funny Home" has tested homozygous for the rcd4 mutation.

This result means she had two copies of the late onset PRA associated mutation and would pass on one copy to any offspring she has produced. 

The test kit for Spencer (Trawricka Jazznblues) is sent to AHT last Monday.

I hope I also have a quick answer.

oh viviane im so very sorry to hear about ynez bless her.im sorry she was blind but im sure she had a lovely life.my dog layla was diagnosed at 2 1/2 with lopra and she was blind by the age of 5 years .shes adapted very well which im sure your ynes had ,they are all special dogs but when they are struck down with illness or disease it makes them extra special.

on the plus side for you im so very glad you got the result that she had rcd4 at least you know which mutation she had and im keeping my fingers crossed for you that you get a clear for spencer.

im waitin to recieve my kit for layla i know nothing will help her but if we get a positive  result it will go someway to  help the breed i hope in future 


So sorry to hear your sad news  Viviane, you and Ynez will be  together again at The Rainbow Bridge


Viviane I am so very sorry for the departure of Ynez, a warm thought for your extra special girl from us.

I am going to sound like a self centered so-an-so...I really did think that Fin would be a carrier...I am so releived to say that he is Clear...

After all the problems I had with my beautiful old girl...I was dreading going through it again...I am so greatful for my good luck...

That said my heart goes out to those of you who haven't been so lucky...but whatever the status of these dogs they are still the most fantastic 'family' members, and friends, any of us can have....Good luck to the rest of you and I for one will be keeping my fingers crossed for ALL of you...

Glad to hear your news Dee!

Here is another clear one...just got the results back: Röde Baronens It Aint Me Babe (Rusa) was clear...
well done ursula so pleased for you and everyone one else who has the fortune of having their results coming back clear
Thanks so much ladies and congratulation Ursula and thanks Lyn you of all people know how worried I was....Good luck all...;o)
oh dee im so very happy for you and i know youve been so worried about the result . hope the rest of your puppies will get the same result as fin xxx
Thats good news Dee, really pleased for you, lets hope there are many more  clears, still awaiting  2 of mine
Pleased for you Dee...great news!




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