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Due to problems accessing the AHT website Dr Nigel Holmes has kindly agreed to extend the "promotional code" for the South fo England Irish Setter Club until 31st August. Unfortunately the original code cannot still be used so a new one has had to  be issued and will have to be obtained again from the SEISCwebmaster. The AHT apologises for any inconvenience caused!

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Great news for all the Clears and at least anyone with Carriers or Affected have the knowledge that they are helping the breed and their dogs are still their special reds always;o)) Still waiting for Abbey's results and her swabs were sent on August 10th?? Feeling nervous!!

Hi Carmel, still awaiting  2 results   and all   3 of mine were sent at same time, yes Graiinne is still a special  red  even though she is a carrier...


Today we received the first 5 results:

Notorious Knight of the Red Empire: clear

Next Hot Thing of the Red Empire: carrier

Rise and Shine of the Red Empire: clear

Sign of the Time of the Red Empire: carrier

Time Will Tell of the Red Empire; carrier


Very pleased for you Diana, did you get my mail  re  Grainne , still awaiting   2 results
Yes Sue, let's hope the others are clear!
Thankyou Diana, I  will mail you as soon as I hear   x
sorry sue they are not clear results for you but hoping you have some luck when you have the others tested
Sorry to hear that Sue, hopefully the three kids will be clear!
That is true Julie, but I think Clear to Carrier produces 50% Clear and 50% Carrier pups, and testing after they are 4 weeks old!! So a Carrier result is not the end of a line!!
So true.  No one must give up.  At least we know how this is inherited.  Forewarned is forearmed.  We can deal with it.  Wish all our problems were that easy.
Oh Julie you have no idea how relieved I am.  Lou might be an influential sire and his current position is wonderful etc. etc.......but that carries a big burden of responsibility.  Sometimes it can be too much. 

Thank you Julie for your kind comment. 

We thank god and are hugely pleased for all the dogs that are clear, especially any prominent sires, and for all those that are carriers there will be clear dogs that they can use to implement their breeding programmes.  We must remain positive or die. 

I, personally, am not out of the woods yet and waiting on results for Vita and Edward and of course the sire of my babies.

On another note, it is sad to see that those who have been most vocal on this site in advocating the testing of all dogs for "the good of the breed" and who have commented positively on all the clear results so far, have fallen strangely silent over Louis.  But thank you to the very many others for seeing the bigger picture. Wishing you all the luck in the world.





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