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hi  eva  not seen louis s results on this post, congratulations on his  results and hoping you have good luck with the others

As I have a young daughter of Edward, I'm delighted that his father is clear and have been looking forward to your results. Thanks for publishing here and even more thanks to those with not so positive results, I admire your courage and honesty.


Thank you all and the very best of luck to you Mel for a good result.  It wasn't you I was talking about anyway.
i think shes other wise engaged in visitin her sick father eva at the other end of the british isles

Lynn, the result has been on ES and on this discussion since wednesday.  She has posted comments since then.  Sadly she is not the only one Lynn.  We should support each other.

I am now posting the first thing since Wednesday....I have been off line ALL that time and haven't read anything about this let alone commented on it...and quite frankly I haven't had the inclonation to do so...I am obviously so very pleased for all that have clears...and so sorry for the affected and carriers, and have said it before this is not the end for you... 


I have put enough effort into this particular problem and been ridiculed and shot down in flames, told that there was nothing wrong with my girl and that this problem wasn't painful so forget about it...well I didn't and now it has been proved that I was correct myself and the other people at the for of this....and some have the cheek just because I didn't congratulate them to say that I should have because I have been on line...well I don't see you Eva congratulating me and Fin...and to be quite honest I don't care if you do or don't... this isn't a contest to see who can get the best dogs through this clear...it is for the breed and I think that at this time the breed can do without me for a few days while I go and tend to my DYING FATHER... or is this not good enough for you????

Oh and sorry about the spelling remember I cant spell and thank you Lyn for your lovely comment...and concern..

May I be forgiven for what I am about to say and call me whatever you like but Dee I have read too many responses from you in this vein to be moved by this one. 

If you really cared about the good of the breed than you must have been concerned over the possibility that the top sire might have been a carrier, regardless of who he belonged to, as we were when we thought Intrepid might have carried CLAD or Night Fever PRArcd-1.  It is not about you or I and it is not personal.  Please stop making it so.....it happens all time!!!     

Absolutely everyone was concerned when your Jazz became blind and I do not know of a single person who wished you ill.  It is not true that no one cared!!   We were also concerned that there might be a new condition of Stationary Night Blidness in the breed. 

We now have PRArcd-4 which we are trying to deal with and don't need to cloud the issue by adding personal demons to the discussion.  None of us our looking for sympathy but we all need support.  So lets be mutually supportive.


Yes Sue I was agreeing with you that a carrier result is not so bad, as long as you breed wisely;o)) And if breeding clear to carrier you can just test the pups and breed only from one of the 50% clears from the litter to continue your lines!!
Sorry Julie I meant to say Julie, not Sue;o)))))
well said , its not the end of the world and we can  be proud that we are all striving to do  our  very best for our beautiful breed,

My Saffy is by Shenanagin Some Might Say its Bardonhill..I think this thing (by the fact that is is two genes, one from each parent...) is a lottery..I have just been very lucky...there looks like a lot of carriers out there, at least so far there are only a very few that are 'affected' we should all be very greatful that the lottery came out in our favour...clear or carrier...we know that they will not go blind with this problem...

Sue miricles do happen and, as I said, it is a lottery, and you may well be lucky...the odds are on your side...I think we are breaking new ground...(again) and as someone said...we are strong people us Irish owners...

And you know that you don't have to start again with carriers..all you need to do is find a clear Stud dog....and take it from there...

In an ideal world we should only use clear...but we can't 'throw the baby out with the bathwater' so we can use carriers...and it was said at one point that we would be able to use affected in the same way...but you don't have to start again.. just choose cairfully...

I have had quite a few comments from non-ES members expressing concern about adding the breeding of dogs/bitches who have been tested as carriers.  In one instance only the sire was given.  It has been read as an insinuation.   We must be very careful we do not implicate any dogs by association, particularly those that are no longer with us. It is unfair.  Unless the sire AND the dam of each individual dog is also tested we can only speculate and speculation is a dangerous route to travel down.  Please let us move forward with this.  It is the future not the past that we should be concerned about.





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