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Should I raise up his bowl so he has an easier time eating? I am reading that having a raised feeding bowl can cause bloat... I am scared this will happen. There are so many mixed reviews on this subject  just wondering what other IS owners do. Thanks!!

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Fred likes his bowl raised and gets more wind if it is on the floor,Ellie will eat anywhere but prefers her bowl on the floor.Art still likes to be hand fed and I can't break him of this but I keep trying! I hadn't heard of raised feeding causing bloat but,logically, it must be more comfortabe for the dog to have the bowl nearer head height.

I have used raised bowls since Abbie, as a puppy would drink what she wanted then tip out the rest !! My stands are adjustable so you can set them to the hight you like, but turn the adjusting knob towards the wall as Abbie (who wears a fabric collar which hangs loose since her operation on her lower neck) got hooked on this and what a mess, and distress !!

I don't think its the bowl that matters, it is more about feeding species inappropriate 'food' (kibble) and whether your dog is properly absorbing what it is eating.  There are of course other factors in the equation, none of which are helped by feeding canine junk food. They are carnivores, not omnivores, so when you put omnivore junk into their system you start to upset the entire workings of the system which mother nature had carefully designed for them over many millions of years, thus increasing the chances of them bloating.

Wish I knew what I know now when I did have a bloater.  I am sure his life story would have been quite different. 

Well put Fran.....so very true.

As Sue said, originally it was thought that raising the bowl off the floor minimised the risk of bloat but since then further study has reversed the thinking.  I have always fed on the the floor and have not found a problem.  I would sooner not risk the possibility of bloat by raising bowls. 

We have had many heated discussions on whether to feed or not to feed kibble.  I feed it 50/50 with meat and my dogs do well on that regime but it is only a personal view.  Others do not feed it at all........each to their own and good luck. 

Incidentally, on the matter of moistening, again, I moisten but do not soak.  Others soak because they feel that the kibble achieves it's optimum size in the bowl and therefore they have a better idea on how much to feed to each dog.  The manufacturers do not recommend this......any thoughs?

My last boy suddenly bloated aged 12( he survived the op and lived another 18months), he was never fed kibble, and his bowls were on the floor, when i got my boy now was advised to raise bowl to reduce risk of bloat, he is fed kibble something iv'e never used  before, i dont soak, i also add chicken every other day for some variety, think Finlay would eat anything, you just hope you are doing the right thing for them 

I have read many things about this and I am not sure what to believe.  I am feeding with raised bowls but only 10 cm from the floor. I am moistening kibble with a little water. The kibble I am feeding now doesn't absorb any water.The kibble I used to feed 10 years ago absorbed a lot of water. I think this could be causing bloat.

Hi Lynda,

Sorry, but your simple question has no simple answer... 

When researching GDV once again, I stumbled across this interesting article that I had not encountered previously.



Good find Susan, Thanks

Hi Lynda,

This is a good question, but I think there is no good answer. Personally, I believe every dog has its own formula. There are a lot of other things you need to consider before you even get to the bowl matter, as far as bloat is concerned.

There are the basics, like a quiet feeding time, with no exercise or excitement before or after. Then, there is genetics to think about. Then, you need to consider if what you feed is right for your dog - I don't think there is a right or wrong food, no matter if it's dry food, raw food, canned food, ... I give my dogs dry food, but stay of wheat, corn and soy, and believe this makes a lot of difference in their confort, specially to Pitanga. 

As for the raised bowls, I actually do raise Pitanga and Romã's bowls, but not because of bloat. I find that Pitanga will eat better and be less "gassy" if I do raise her bowl. Romã does not mind where her bowl is, but chews her food more if it is raised, so I also raise her bowl. To my other dogs, raised or in the floor makes absolutely no diference, so they are feed with their bowls on the floor, because it's easier that way! 

Very sensible advice Teresa and I agree with everything you have written.

I have always steered clear of foods containing any types of cereal, soy and other unneccesary additives.

My dogs often lie down to eat otherwise they have their food raised off the floor purely for their comfort.  They also eat slower from raised bowls.

Thanks everyone! I feed him 2 times a day in a bowl that is raised when I lower it he doesnt seem to chew it. So I think I will keep doing the things the way I am. Thanks everyone for your advice I am just trying to make sure I dont harm my furbaby in anyway :)




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