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This site doesn't work well for me on my wretched work computer so I can't add comments to Blogs so I have created a Forum just to ask a question.
Does anyone know the breeding of Rhyeson of the Hunter's Home. He looks like a lovely dog in some of the photos and I would be interested to know his breeding. I have used Google and the Irish Setter pedigree site but can't find anything about him.

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hi Angela,
this is the website of his breeder+owner: http://www.ofthehuntershome.nl/
Rhyeson's dad is Red Tails Seven Seas of Rhye (http://setters.applegrove.net/setters/pedigree.php?Id=58569) and mum is Tiffany Glory Red (http://setters.applegrove.net/setters/pedigree.php?Id=55975).
hope this helps.
Thanks Laura, that's satisfied by curiosity
Sorry that should have said MY curiosity
Hi Angela,

Just wanted to say that his sister Rachel came 4th in the open bitch class.I think you would also like her.I have looked at the various photos but did not see any of her.At the show when you would expect to get a photo of the prize winners they disappeared out of the ring like greased lightening,so i didnt get hardly any .
There are some pictures of them both on the breeders website but they are puppies or youngsters then. Just thought him a lovely type and there was a lovely picture of him at the show showing his head and front from the front angle. Glad you had a lovely time, I would love to go but the trek from here in Cornwall just takes too long. One day
there are some pics of Rachel and also Rhyeson taken in Bratislava. will look them up if you would like to see.
Thanks Anne, who owns them both?
Thanks Anne, looked at Gladys Night and obviously from a line of very lovely Irish Setters with such beautiful heads not so often seen these days.
For info !
My Chickadee is a Rhyeson's and Rachel's cousin !
Chickadee's father is Tango Glory red Rachel's brother.
Here a photo of Tango Glory Red"Jason" owned by Guy & Martha Kips from Luxembourg

It's all in the family, because i had a lovely brother of Gladys Night, Grandeur Gable of the Hunters Home. They all had wonderfull heads and great bodies with lots of hear.
Thank you to everyone for your answers to my question.
angela roberts you have lither brother in UK that christin heron has out in a famely name is" red tails diggers boy" pet name is "tom tom" all the best glad that you likehim so mutchspecc the heads kennel red tails tommy eisgård




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