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Just a thought, has anyone had a problem with this in setters?

Learnt about it the other day and wondered if its common at all with Setters?


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I dont know how common it is...but my old girl lost all the hair on her chest on more than one occasion am not sure if it was any thing to do with her seasons the vet did not know either she ended up on steroids for the last couple of years of her life (which was not a good time for her)could of been caused by her food......thats why now my two youngster are on a natural raw diet BARF diet..

Oh right, Bless her. Was she irritated by it, like scratching or licking? or did it just start falling out?

I thought the condition was to do with seasons a first but its actually when the animal looses their hair in somes seasons like spring or winter.

I havent heard of that food, i'll look into it. My Dog Rosie has a Funny tummy, i wonder if that would help.

Yes her skin was red raw the vet did think it maybe a reaction to dust mite then pollen but nothing worked.

Steroids was the only thing that calmed her skin down she would chew her feet as well.

Her skin on her belly turned black the vet said it was like scar tissue.

I lost her last summer at almost 13yrs yes she had a long life but was she healthy I would have to say no.

It was after I lost her that I started to research Raw feeding and thats when I found out that maybe I could have help her more than just pump her full of chemicals.

She also suffered with ear infections I have since learned that dogs fed on a raw diet rarely suffer from them.

In fact they dont get upset tummys and a lot of other things that a lot of dogs get when fed on commercial food.

I feel its too late for my old girl I only wish I knew then what I know now.

Another fact I have read was that raw fed dogs rarely get bloat that setters can be prone to but to be fair I have never expericened it.

As with everything some are for it and some against for me natures way is best.


Oh how interesting, Doesnt sound nice at all and im sorry to hear about your loss, im already dreading the day i loss my girl and she is only 1!

i'll have to look into that, however i have learnt about the worries with eating raw meat, such as worms, some worms live in the meat of animals and need to be fully cooked or they will be ingested by the consumer and affect them. But im guessing the company checks the food throughly :)

Bloating is awful, very serious :( i didnt know IS are prone to it. Bit worrying

I am amazed you didn't know IS were prone to bloat, especially as you work at a vets.

Bloat is the major health problem in our breed, a fact that was confirmed by the recent survey done by the Joint Health Group.

I don't know where you purchased your bitch from but are you sure you didn't get warned about it by the breeder?

Oh god, i havent heard that at all, am i carefull with my rosie with that anyway because of all the horror stories ive heard.

I dont remember my breeder mentioning it at all, but that may just be my memory :/ How do you help prevent it? i just wait half an hour or so before or after exercise before i feed her.

This link might be of interest for Irish Setter Health problems


Thank you :) the phase 1 and 2 sounds a lot like rosie after eating but seems to pass as the day goes on. I'll inform my vet at the next visit, she has a funny tummy anyway.

Ok, well im at the vets i work at on Thursday so i'll ask them, saves spending money on a consult :) thanks for your help




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