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Anyone interested in meeting up for a Setter get together :) We are based in Downings, Co. Donegal but are willing to travel for a few hours. If we make it a good beach area we could bring the rig and if people wanted to try some mushing they could. Depends on how hot it is though.



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Beautiful photos, looks almost Meditterranean!

Debbie, Mac is phazed by nothing! He takes everything in his stride. We went to the show in Belfast yesterday, and he was so relaxed there - he was even flirting with a wee redand white pup! You will have to bring Raff over, now he's an expert swimmer.

Darwin just splashed around with his wee rugby ball.


Who was the red and white pup, David? Was it the McAleer's new pup from Galway? Hopefully another new one to be shown, as so few IRWS are being shown in Ireland at the moment


Margaret off subject, but what do you think of the outcrossing program by the IKC ?


Do you want me to reply here or privately? As soon as the topic comes up on any public list, discussion tends to degenerate into irrational and uninformed  hysteria :)) I just get fed up with it  I can send you my response which was sent to Sean Delmar at  the IKC

The IKC has put a revised statement on the Outcross Programme for IRWS on their website a few days ago



The Outcross Committee has met and considered the responses and received , and the  revised statement was issued in the light of the responses.

The UK Kennel Club has no objections to the outcross , which they say in their response is in line with their current policies on breeding for greater diversity

There have been no objections from any other national Kennel Clubs, or breed clubs within the FCI

The breed clubs of the UK , US and Canada have objected (predictably) and some individuals


I didn't catch the details of the pup really ... it was owned by a red-headed lady named Tracy and I think the pup was called Summer ... but we were talking to the owner of one of the Gwendarriff dogs, AJ, at the same time, so I didn't pick up everything. David

Yes, Tracy McAleer and the pup's name is Summer.


The wee pup is gorgeous!

I forgot, but we actually took a few pics of the flirtation between Mac and Summer ...


Has Mac been reading about the IKC's Outcross Programme for IRWS? You need to censor his bed time reading :)) Sweet photos, thanks for posting them


Cute babies;o)))




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