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We've been working with a homeopath vet called Tom Farrington in Cork. We've been trying remedies such as slippery elm, carbo veg, nux vomica and lycopodium to date.


The 1m Nux Vomica was good for treating the big bloats and gave Rosco relief within 15minutes or so, it was fast acting but didn't help much towards preventing the bloats. Rosco had some massive bloats in those weeks and I was glad to see the nux vomica working. It was very stressful for him and us and I thought he was a goner once. After the bad bloat we were then sent 10m Nux Vomica but thankfully I haven't had to use that since as it's for emergencies. 


Tom and I started to discuss Roscos personality and Tom thought we should give the Lycopodium 200c a try..once a day for 3 days. The main physical symptoms endured by lycopodium are digestive disorders accompanied by too much bloating and formation of gas in the gastro-intestinal tract. Also voracious hunger that is followed by uneasiness after the person has eaten only a small amount of food (Rosco is getting 3 small feeds a day). Symptoms are also at their worst between 4-8pm each day which they are as Rosco tends to bloat in the evening. He was also anxious about his illness and wanted to do his best and was feeling left out.


We've been using this remedy since Wednesday and Rosco is doing well...we've had 3 bloat free days in a row. This remedy appears to relax Rosco and deal with the gas before he gets into a bloat. Stress is a trigger with the bloating as we've learned and this remedy is used for dogs in stressful situations aswell. I'm delighted to see us getting somewhere with Rosco and hopefully he'll continue to do better. The bloating can't be cured but it can be managed. His mental state is also important as since last week we started to let him go for a short cani run with another dog. This should help him feel part of the pack again and build his confidence. 


The food he does well on is beef mince/chunks mostly and lamb. I'd try and give him lamb with bone in the evening something like a lambs neck. The reason for this is it takes longer to eat and the chewing helps to relieve stress build up. We have to stick with this diet of raw now for the coming weeks before we add anything else. The key is talking things slowly by adding certain proteins to see if they are a trigger. We also add one charcoal capsules to every feed as charcoal is good for absorbing gas.


We really don't know if any damage has been done to his stomach nerves to date...but what we can do is continue to give him the best quality life we can. At one stage we thought putting Rosco down was the best option due to the chronic daily bloating but when you looked into those loving eyes and seen him playing we knew to continue trying. Rosco is a fighter and we will continue to fight for him.


I'd advice everyone to have nux vomica at home as it can be a life saver if your dog starts bloating. The tablet form is better than the sprays we've found.




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Rita I'm ever so pleased reading your post. I didnt realise that you were seeing Tom - to myu mind he is one of the best HP vets you could hope to have. As you have said he is approaching the "whole dog" as the problem and this will help enormously.

I hope tha you are turning the corner now and all the very best to Rosco

We've been working with Tom since the 9th September. He's a very knowledgeable man and takes every minor detail of Rosco's condition/personality into account....he's been really supportive aswell. I find HP very confusing but it's starting to make some sense now. 



Thanks for the update Rita! We send our sincere thoughts and best wishes as always. Come on Rosco,you're so worth it!
Its addictive. Nick Thompson looks after my guys and his way of getting you to understand is "like for like" when you know where something comes from it often suprises me that this would be exactly the kind of medicine for a condition with really similar "properties" Hang in there!
Hope Rosco continues to have good days its nice to see him out running the photos are lovely
Oh Rosco, we all LOVE you!!!! the best news ever, I hope it will last!!!! Big cuddles :)
Thanks for the update Rita!! Delighted that Rosco is responding well to the new treatment;o)) Long may it continue, so he can be a normal setter again;o)) Hugs from his mother Cara and red family;o))
hi rita so very pleased rosco is responding to the treatment hes such a beautiful boy .
Thank you for this - it has been useful to me. Lovey dogs - have fun with them!
Keeping fingers crossed that Rosco continues to do well.  What an inspiration you and your boy are
Glad that you are finding some methods of dealing with the bloat that are working for Rosco. Hope it all continues to go well. Stunning photos
Hope your lovely Rosco continues to do well.  And thanks for posting, as my Cosmo also has bloat and I am interested in what you learn works.  Cosmo flipped his stomach and had to have it tacked to the sides of his chest wall ... poor dear.  His bloat is also highly impacted by stress.  Poor dears. 




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