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source online to buy worming and flea products?

Hi, I wonder if anyone can reccomend a good website to buy worming and flea products for our setters. I am not gonna pay the vet anymore for these as so expensive! Anyone have any particular products they use and know are good?


Thank you

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We use Advocate once a month and Drontal every 6 mths although I think the has changed to Drontix. We have a monthly VIP club with our vet which includes the above plus annual health check, boosters, kennel cough etc and a 20% discount on any  other treatments, visits etc. Spreads the cost so have never looked on line, sorry not being much help.

Thank you Lois, sounds like its a good system with your vets!

Hi Louise you might want to try www.hyperdrug.co.uk they sell everything don't know if they are any cheaper than what the vet is

Hi Louise

Try www.petsensedirect.co.uk 

They are very reasonable.



I would advise a search of the net first as you can find places offering greater discounts for a short time.
I use http://www.bestpet.co.uk. and http://www.chemistdirect.co.uk
Advantage is now available without prescription in the UK .

When I had Arthur vaccinated last month I was offered 40% discount on worming and flea treatment.I got a years supply of Advantage and it was cheaper than the online merchants.It may be worth asking your vets if they give a discount.

I use Medicanimal.com( free postage) also used Vets uk have to pay postage under a certain amount.

At the moment where we live in Essex the co-op chemist is selling frontline on special offer less than half the price of the vets.


Have been thinking of changing to Advocate but it is prescription only (available from vets) and you give monthly.

Yes cheaper on line.

But as I am a Holistic therapist I am having problems with filling my dogs full of drugs so often.


I do still use frontline and Drontal.


I ment chemicals not drugs...lol

hi i use best pets pharmacy they are really low on prices and postage is free.

they do a frontline / drontal 3 or 6 month package works out a lot cheaper

Here is a link:



Thank you everyone, you have been really helpful. I will look at all the info you gave me once i get this dreaded assignment i am working on out the way, lol. Wish it was on dogs and not reptiles, haha

we do drontal every 3 months by the vet and advocate once a month. for the advocate we find cheaper to buy the prescription from the vet and then shop online for a 6 pipettes box: for us this is cheaper even if we add the 6-8£ charge of the prescription...


But every time we need to order the box,  we google around from scratch: first because the offers change in 6 months and second because we never remember the website where we ordered 6 months before;)


as for the drontal, so far  we prefere to go via the vet because so far Oberon was still growing and they need to check the exact weight to decide the dose.. Now that he's 19months and the weight is stable we may consider to go on line for that one as well, if is cheaper as many of you have found..




Checked out www.bestpet.co.uk but the delivery charge for Ireland is VERY expensive!!!




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