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This is a good test to see if you are suitable for a setter ..

Go for a walk and stretch your arm as far as possible, after a few steps try even to stretch even further..
Say with a friendly voice the command FOLLOW..Now say it a few time's a lot louder ..Follow..
Now shout it out ....STOP PULLING DARN...and ignore the way that people look at you...
Forget your luxe BMW and buy right away a stationwagon.
Now buy cookies en bones in a petstore..
Smash the cookies on the seats and in the back of your car...and throw the bones around in the car...
Go to a barber and ask if you can take all the hair of last week home with you..and throw this around in your car .
And now make with some mud some beautiful prints on your carseats..and to finish it ,scratch with a rake over the outside of your car doors...perfect ....

Make yourself ready to leave your home well dressed and try to go stealthily away...
Walk halfway your gardenpath and than go back ..try it 5 minutes later again ..but go back inside your home and turn on the radio..
than make some calming noices ..than try to go out agian...just go back home and call your friends to ask them if they want to come over to your place instead off you visit them..

Do you have your beautifull garden ready for the summer ? ask the little children of your neighbors to play soccer in your garden ...
Practice to sit on 1/8 off your chair, and also to balance your kop of Thee on the armrest of your chair..
Try to eat a biscuit very quiet ,give it up and sprinkle the crumb's al over the seat..
Tie 2 forks on a dog strap and hang it over the doorknob...try a few times to take the strap without making a sound ...if you make any noice ,thake the fork and scratch over your leg ..
Repeat this action several times..
Repeat everything you say at least 5 times ..repeat everything you say........
If you have visitors let them sit on your sofa and throw a sack of potatos ( 35 kg ) on their lap..and rob a wet sponge in their face..than you apologise..

Go and practice to take something very fast out of the fridge, keep in mind what you want to have out of the fridge and remember where it stands..if it takes more than 10 seconds , sorry you lost half of everything in the fridge..

How do you get used to way your house looks when you are cleaning?
At first the windows , clean them very good ..are they clean ? good ...make your hands dirty and rob over your clean windows...do this twice a day..
Use the vacuúmcleaner to clean the floors, when ready sprinkle sand al over the floor and do this several time's a day .
Go en visit people who has a setter and ask them how in gods name it is possible that he behaves so idiotic at time's ...
Ask them how they managed it to let the pup sleep a little bit longer , or how they made him house clean..
Ask them how they managed to learn the dog table manners , or even manners at all ...!!!!
It wil be the last time that you get answers to your questions...

To experience how a night wil be when you have a setter ( most setters sleep in bed ) , go to bed at 10 hour .
set the alarm of your alarmclock at midnight end throw your self out of bed on the floor ..
Put a big heavy sack of potato's on the blankets end try to get in bed and under the blankets again..
Set the alarm on half six in the morning and just before the alarm go's off hit yourself with a big wet sponge in your face ...
Can you handle the trash that a setter make's...to find out try the next thing !!!!!
First at all , clean your house totaly , throw a bucket of mud over your polished kitchen floor .
Pick up some mud and rub it on the kitchen cupboards ,fridge and oven ..
Make shure that you have mud on your shoes and walk over the carpet in the living and hall..
Put your hand in a flowerpot and whipe them off on the wall !! So how do you think it looks ????
After reading this you still don't have a nervous breakdown ,? Please feel free to take a setter !!!!
Enjoy owning a setter , it wil change your life ...............

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So funny and so true but we Setter lovers wouldn't have it any other way (",)

So funny, but true

I noticed someone mentioned drool, so yes, I would recommend going out to your garden and collect some slugs at which point you rub them all over your sleeves at the wrists...your new puppy attire.

Drool, go drink a lot of water and run immediately to mom and lay your head in her lap. This is particularly effective if mom is wearing her jammies and ready for bed.

Drool yep!!!!! Mainly Flame drools but only when he's super excited with a new kitten or puppy!! If you want drool...it's from my children's Newfies, they shake there head and most times it ends up on the ceiling!!!!! I'll stick to my Irish :0))

Found something else that is missing: Remove all door furniture and replace with round ones, or if this would work out too expensive replace with leavers BUT fit them upside down. Now for 3 days take any meat products out of the fridge and scatter them on the floor ( mix well ) on the 4th. day fit an elastic strap around the fridge (to resemble a lock ) now pull the fridge into the middle of the kitchen, so as to pull the plug out and leave for 2 hours. <:0)

oh dear Angela lol!!!

I must be one of the lucky ones where tablets are concerned all 3 of mine take them very well although I never put them in there food bowl I pretend they are a treat and wrap them in cream cheese, pate, wrap in ham  they don't even touch the sides.  They get so excited because it's not their dog food it doesn't even touch the sides ! !

Did anyone mention about them being escapologists when they see another dog, person or child that they would like to meet and make friends ?? or should I say jump drool and lick to death.  We have a brick wall round one side of the garden which gets lower the further down you go because our first setter who is 4 1/2 never attempted to jump it we thought we were ok with the puppies how wrong were we !! My garden now resembles Fort Knox, high fencing everywhere !!!  

In our park there is a securely fenced area to keep the children in (my interpretation!) but Arthur has found a way in and he greets me with great delight from the other side of the fence!

I tried upside down lever handles and William ,who could open any door,soon learnt how the handle worked.

I have never had a setter that would jump walls or fences or anything higher than 18" but there will be a first,I just know it!

Some lovely stories on here and the fridge one rang bells with me.

.................and we all still have setters!

I re-hung the wire fence around my garden to make it taller as there is a big hole dug up right in the middle. Ellie just jumped over it like it wasn't there. So much for that effort I guess. The strawberries are up but nothing else is as yet. I managed to get her with the hose the other day, it is pretty frigid water, she did NOT like that. I haven't seen her go back in but she might be burglering when I'm not watching.




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