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Just want to thank all of you for giving me the confidence to stand up to a horrid woman on our walk today.


She, as a few have done, threatened to report me to the NCDL because clearly 'that poor dog is neglected!'.


I very politely offered to take her to the NCDL myself so we could hand Darcey over together being such an irresponsible owner. I also said, that she should seriously consider her answer before telling me it, as her Labrador was clearly twice the width it should be. I also pointed out that I was extremely confident that I would not be the one who was charged with cruelty!


The look on her face was priceless, especially as she tried to rush off but her 'healthy' round dog could barely keep up!


Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

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Good for you emma.
Yes, it was most gratifying :)
next time could you use your phone to video it  ,I'm LOL well done, god I bet that felt good

Well done Emma! I would have liked to see her face!

You must have felt soooo good afterwards. Funny what sort of remarks we get to hear as setter owners, isn't it?

I've heard the lot from "she's too skinny" to "are they actually trainable?" and the best "I once had a setter, but they are stupid" My standard answer to the last," "It's never the dog - it's the owner." That leaves them speechless, too - LOL




Yes, I've heard all those too! It amazes me when I come out of a shop to see someone stroking my perfectly-behaved IS, waiting patiently, off-lead, for me. The person says, " they are lovely dogs, but they are daft as a brush (mad as a hatter, whatever), you just can't train them.I had one once, and if you let him off the lead, he would disappear ..."

Meanwhile my IS looks at him and smiles ...

I can totally relate! But in my case you should add a hysterical Yorkshire barking his way out of his owner's lap, while he explained to me how he would never have an IRS as they are far to active for his taste. It was the strangest conversation I've ever had, and I have some weird ones to account for :)


Oh and Pitanga was looking at the tinny thing with a very annoyed look that clearly meant " Your the disgrace of our kind, you tiny, tiny dog..." :)


Other than that there was the Flying Poodle, that attacked Pitanga in her paw, and that she had shake off her leg. After that the Owner of the flying dog was trying to complain to a cop that witnessed the whole thing, saying that my on-leash dog should be put down because her off-leash dog was now hurt after flying some meters!

Good job!  I can't get over how people threaten to report you guys over there!  I get the skinny comment too but never had another say to me that they would report me.  And it is always from the chubby Lab owners...... try these replies.....

"Mine isn't really that thin, it's just your used to an overweight dog in the house". 

 "I know, I just rescued the poor thing and I am going to fatten him/her right up".   

" Neglected dogs are always clean, groomed, walked twice daily and loved".

"Yes I know, I have three other neglected ones at home right now, I best hurry they are waiting for their daily beatings".


I am laughing coming up with these.......



Nice one Emma!

Good job emma, :0)

makes ya feel better when ya stand up to others who giv comments but cant take them back.

gt a face piccy nxt time! lol


That is just glorious ... how I wish I had the gumption to do the same!!!

Pleased you gave the interfering old bat hell, in the politest way possible, just what she deserved. The world is full of those who seem to think it's their God given right to tell everyone else how to lead their lives..........it's about time they got their come uppance! Well done.

It was great I must admit! I'm sure she'll think twice about making any future comments. Now if anyone says anything I jsut reply with:


'Yes, this is what a healthy dog looks like'!


Seems to get the point across :)




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