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Whats the worst thing your mad setter has pinched/played with and what do you do? ....


grit ur teeth or laugh histerically!!


Rubys favourite is underwear and socks, if she can get out in the garden she loves to throw them around!! has us in stitches as gets all tangled up.  

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Haha, not if i can help it Sue. Though it may make her sleep more! haha :-) xx
Ellie seems to have a fondness for alcohol even though neither Joan or I drink.I was walking her and we passed a young 'rough living' man who had a can of lager,as Ellie walked past she grabbed the can and put her teeth through it,I swear I heard her sucking!
The young man was very upset so I gave him £1 (all I had on me)and apologised

.I had Albert out one day and we were in a field.Two girls were having a picnic and Bertie was off lead. Before I could stop him he ran and grabbed all their sandwiches in one go and ran!
I apologised profusely, grabbed Bertie and rushed to the nearest shop about a mile away where I bought a big box of chocolates and took them to the girls.At least they then had a smile on their faces!
Love these stories! Cash like so many of the others has a thing for used underwear. He snatches my husbands boxers every morning when he heads to the shower. You would think the man would have figured out to just keep them in the bathroom with him and put the laundry basket up on the counter, but nooooooo that would be too simple! I have found those boxers in the backyard before as well. His favorite thing are my kitchen towels. I can't hang one anymore. He will not give up till he is allowed to have it. Hours go by and he will whine and cry in front of the refridgerator if I tuck it up high away from him. So annoying when your drying pots and pans and the dog grabs the towel while your trying to finish up.. I just have accepted this since nothing has stopped his constant towel fetish.
i think oberon is obsessed with zips.. not a great stealer otherwise, but he destroyed 3 beds in e couple of months, since I insist in buying those with a removable cover (so I can wash it), they have a zip on a corner and ... la la la!!! every evening we go out there is a destroyed zip and plenty of foam around our living room :)

So a cinema ticket costs the ticket price + 1 whole evening cleaning the foam + one morning after for me fitting a new zip ;)
Lovely stories, lot of laugh;)))
Gigi, I can see you trying to get your morning cofee, haha;))) That long rose tongue in a small china cofee cup;-)))
My Pielgrzym's favourite food was stolen from the plates. Diner served on table - he instantly started to eat from the plate and always was very surprised why I don't let him eat it. It took me a lot of time to teach him not to do that!
Bajka loves to be a number 1 in every place and company.When people don't pay attention to her, she is very upset. So she brings socks, gloves, scarves from clothes left in the hall. You have nice guests and she brings f.e. old, huge, full of holes, working socks from your wellies;(((
She loves to pull out scarves from the sleeves (narrow setter head is very usefull in this case). I remember her entering the room with a strange face but a very happily wawing tail. I opened her mouth and took out cm by cm my 2 m long golden silk scarf! I can't find it anymore, maybe she ate it once?
layla does not do socks pyjamas ect.she is blind so doesnt know where the wash basket is .this last few weeks though she has found and opened the box with the treats and denti stixs in and eaten them all.
Yes Lyn, your beautiful Layla may not see but definitively can smell !!!!! funny the way they love this dentastix, mine would clean the house if he could to have one!!! A special cuddle to Layla for me please
Mine love Dentastix too and they seem to work well.After Layla eating all the Dentastix ,I expect her smile to be gleaming!
I have just found three of my dogs in the kitchen with the contents of a 3.5 kg bag of bread flour spread all over the floor.
An hour after they were fed so they cant claim they were hungry!
Hi all
My mia i think has a bit of a fetish with my bras, she pinches them and then she chews the straps off. Once she has done this she is not interested in it anymore. She does not swallow any of the pieces she has bitten off.
Cherry is a burglar and loves to steal:- toilet rolls and brush from downstairs bathroom, paper from study litter bin, any food not nailed down (stole my wife's fajitas last week), slippers of course, grandchildrens' plastic toys, pens and pencils from Suzanne's fireside table, Yellow Pages, tv remote, spectacles .....etc, etc. We find most of the swag under a favoured shrub in the garden! All you can do is keep doors closed, and stuff out of their way. I have had to accept the view that if I leave things lying around, it's fair game for her. She is a rascal and a career criminal but I love her to bits and wouldn't change her for the world.
Where do I start? Socks, pants, bras, gloves, yellow pages and phone book, tv remote, my mobile phone- I know I should of put it up but it was in my handbag, unfortunately I hadn't completely closed the zip and JD manged to open it!-grandsons cars, pens and shoes. He also chewed the seat of a dining chair and numerous cushions from the furniture which I usually find in the garden. If anything is missing the best place to look is JDs mouth, its amazing what he can hide in there, my daughter says he has a mouth like Mary Poppins bag. But this is all part of the fun of having a setter!




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