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Is anyone else having a problem with ticks? I use Advocate which I thought stopped them from attaching to the animals but I have had to remove quite a few recently & I wondered if anyone had any tips. I am not even sure where JD is getting them from as we have only been walking in local parks so not a lot of wildlife around.

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I also use one clove each per day...unless they are huge then they have half each...Riley eats it when justed cut  and put in his dinner...but Cassie I have to use a garlic press and mix well in....some love it some dont (just like us)...I also put a couple of cloves in with their fruit and veg which is all minced together...come the end of sept I start to give less and during the winter they will only have appox 3 times a week...(.but they are still sprayed every other day)..come March I start all over again with feeding every day....


Thanks! I will try the garlic press for Mac's food. I had cut the cloves quite small and mixed them through, but Mac would not go near that, but then he can be funny with food sometimes anyway.

Geraldine.....  My friend called this morning to say yes, it works on ticks :-)  She even put a tick she pulled off Alfie into a bowl with a light dusting of the D.E and  that one died too :-)

Thank you that's good to know, I will order some.

Thanks Finn, got to have a look to see how much to feed them to de worm them.  They are bound to have worms after all those fleas :-/


you are very welcome.....It works for me...

I am liking the idea of Diatomaceous Earth for myself as well as my dogs (no...I don't have worms, fleas or any other little critters on me...well hopefully not anyway!!)

I have just been having a look on Diatomaceous Earth limited website Diatomx.co.uk and read the reviews for the human DiatomPure human codex grade product and am impressed.

There is also DiatomPure for animals but I prefer to give my dogs the finest grade of any products which are going to be taken orally or externally so I will buy the best grade and share it with them :))

Thanks Fran for bringing DE to our attention.....I had not heard of it before.


Fleas I regularly have to do as have 3 cats. But never in 22 years of having  my own dogs I have never come across a tick ? 

I do believe if you cover them in Vaseline then they can't breath and then just fall off. You can get from the pet shop a comb like thing which is designed to remove the tick.




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