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have any of you been told as you are nearing or are in your 60s you are to old for an Irish?

it is so good to find on this site lots of people that must be in that age group.

golly i think i am more enegetic than most of the younger generation of today.

cheers Rosie


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You never know !

Joan and I were in our thirties when we had our first setter and we managed .I am retired now and,of course,I am landed gentry! Not sure that my wife is a lady who lunches though!

My wife and I are virtually 65. Quinn is 9 (weeks!). And it is hard. The knees go when I try to get up off the floor after throwing the toys about. We also keep getting all the animals' names swapped round so when we need to verbally pursuade Quinn about something it tends to come out as "Cara!" or "Conor!" No wonder the poor lad is confused!  And we probably are not as tolerant as we used to be -we are continually having to say to each other (when for example he has destroyed another bush in the garden) "He is only a baby!"

But we know he is going to develop into a great mate for us who we can take on the long walks we need at our age. Another benefit is that we can't remember the trials and tribulations we had with his predecessors when they were pups!

Hehe - nothing to do with your age Graeme. My knees hurt all the time (osteoarthritis), I suffer from "Alzheimer's Light" and patience has never been my middle name. Oh and by the way I am 20 years your junior.


Viv - sounds like you have truly deserved your luncheons. Respect!

I was 43 years old ,had 3 kinds of rheumatism, my weight was 134 kilo and i could walk for about 20 minutes and than i depended on my wheelchair...i had no dog at that time

We became a Shih Tzu pup from somebody ,or else he had to go to the dogpound..

Than we went for a walk and we met a lady with 2 irish setters ..my daughter said to my wife ..look dad !!! he is all glowing because of the setters ..That day i walked for 1 hour..

We went home and my wife searched the internet for puppy's ..

2 weeks later i had Ballyshannon's Irish Icko , and i was the hapyest man on earth..

the wheelchair went into the basement and never came out again ...

This starded 6 years ago.Now i am a little bit more than 100 kilo.and i make walks of 2 hours without pain..

All i want to say is , that a dog can bring you more joy en happynes and is the best medicine against pain ,fear and lonelynes...

And if you are a little bit older ....just make arangements for the day you re not able to take care of your dog anymore..


Frans - I love your story! Thank you for sharing it. I agree totally with the notion that the more time you spent with your dog(s) the better you feel, both physically and psychologically.


Now how to reduce those long working hours....

Having a dog is one of the best ways of keeping fit as one grows older. The dog needs exercise, you have to go out with him at least twice a day, much better than sitting in an armchair watching television. And if one has to keep fit so one can walk the dog, its an incentive to keep the weight down .
that is such a moving story. Good on you and yes our setters or any dog for that matter help us in so many ways.

We have found with Setters that they "match" the age and lifestyle of their owners. Ours were "middleaged" for years but when our son came over, he used to roll on the floor with them and they immediately became juvenile again!


they go with age then???

In our experience, yes. Our 9 week pup has yet to understand that though and I would clarify comment to say that puppies are probably going to be "hardwork" in any normal domestic environment where they "live in"  and that how hard the owner finds it will depend to an extent on the owner's age (and his interpretation of "fun")!

i was working full time when we got Molly. I did not want to leave her so she went to Doggie Playschool. Now I am home working on starting my own business and the best thing for our Molly is to have me with her 24/7. The others had to be on their own during the day and were escape artists because they were bored. Your pup is absolutely lovely. And yes our son although he has moved to central Australia is different to us in how he relates to our Molly. Take care and as I said your pup is a darling. 

Iwork from home too and this had a very positive effect on our Spinone.  She became very much "my girl" and is always somewhere close (she is at my feet now as I write this). However she started life as a dog which was left for half days while I worked full time and my wife worked mornings.

Quinn will have me at home much of the time, so it will be interesting to see how he develops. He needs to be able to be left of course (that's the downside of working from home) and currently I have taken a sabatical as I feel I can't have students "in" while the puppy is finding his feet (only from the disturbance point of view, otherwise the more people the better as far as pup is concerned).

It is a lovely feeling when Dog enjoys being with you!




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