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Hi Guys,

my darling Memphis loves water of course he's does he's a Setter. the only thing i was wondering if any one has an idea how to keep the darn bowl in place. In the house he paddles in it and blows bubbles i think it is a hoot thats not so bad as i have it on a rubber mat, his new trick is to pull the mat out and up turn the bowl over is is a real heavy china one, he can do it with out the mat as well. he has a paddling pool outside to play in course that not so much fun. I must keep it in the house like dog to always have water expecialy now it is getting so hot. Do the non spill ones work in a house or only in a car where they stick onto carpet.

all ideas will be tried.

cheers Rosie

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ROFL at all of these.  We also go nuts over Cash's drinking style.  He makes a mess everywhere.  Just when I have it mopped up, he goes back for more.  If you hear cursing coming from our kitchen it is because someone just got their socks all wet walking in there.  We keep a mop handy near by also.  And I have that same raised bowl set up here but actually don't use it.  Cash has wet ears using that large of a bowl.  I get bowls for long earred dogs so that he keeps the food off them too.  We just put them on a tray with several large throw rugs under that and curse alot here to deal with it.  He doesn't really drink either- he just likes to store water in his jowls like a camel.  I also will wipe his mouth off if I can catch him...he is to stealthy for that these days.  If he sees me coming with a towel he bolts off and makes a bigger mess!


Haha, I like the camel comparison. Will never see Errol in the same light ever again... :)))
I have a plastic Gorilla Tub with a spaniel bowl full of water resting on an upturned feeding bowl inside - that catches most of the spillage

I use a "road refresher non-spill bowl" it is ment to be used in the car but I also use it indoors as it seems to stop him from slobbering so much and because it is quite heavy he cant scoot it around the floor





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