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Every night around 10.30 my Kerry comes and stands at the study door and gives me a firm stare. If I do not respond then a call to attention is signaled with a few reminder barks. It is bed time. We walk together to the back door, I let him out. A tap signals that the ritual is to continue. A kiss goodnight for dad (cheek to cheek rub) and down we head to his bean bag. Circle, circle, circle, sigh. Cover and a tuck of his blanket and a wish good night, Family think it is very funny but I know I am loved. A special ritual that he has worked out for the two of us to finish our day. What special ritual has your setter worked out for you to share?

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I shower in,the morning, that is howl time for Memphis.
As I come through the door it is bounce time as yes you guessed it walkies time.
Come on mum hurry up all the smells will be gone I'll throw in the odd hump if it helps,
Quick get the cookies let's go harness on where's the car get the cover off just the back bit so I can get in.
Ahhhhh in, rest of cover off come on open the gates god your slow, on our way at last.
Doesn't matter what time it is today I was cruising around in the dark at 5-45am, as had an appointment
At 8-15am 100 clicks away. Definately not spoilt, this is only one of the many routines he has me doing.

The tempo of your reply is amazing Rosie, I can feel you rushing from here.

Thanks to antibiotics we now have two rituals. It used to be just the night ritual, now there is also a morning one.

At 7am, Romã jumps on the bed, kisses my ear and rubs herself against me while lying down in the bed. Then, lots of tail wagging and cuddles. While this is happening, Pitanga gets up, I get up, and we go for  quick pee/poo walk that takes about 3 minutes. Then, they run up the stairs and its breakfast time! At 7-15, they are both back to sleep and I get time to shower and have some breakfast! Then we get on with our day, with our countrywalks and regular human stuff.

At night we come home, feeding time again. Then they crash in their beds and sleep until 10pm or 11pm. As soon as they hear me putting on my shoes, they magically apear by the door and we go for our last quick walk, just like the morning one!

We go home, they run into my bedroom at stare at their treat box. I take one treat for each, they jump on my bed and eat it (and yes, they know they are not allowed to eat on MY bed... lol). After the treats are eaten they shut down in a very setterly manner and this is the last I see of them until 7am.

Finlay wakes at 7 sticks his nose between the curtains to look out this he'll do for about 30mins if anyone passes by the tail gets going, if i'm not up in 30mins then he's on the bed trying to pull quilt off me,then straight out for walk, when home he knows when it's been exactly a hour and he starts the jig for breakfast, the jig also starts again at 3pm, he never changes and if he thinks it's time for bed he also sits in front of the tv to hurry me along, but we love them for all there funny ways (",)

The shoe box, the lead draw are dead give aways. Nothing like our beds to attact a setter. Hope Pitanga is recovering well Teresa. Clean front windows and setters do not go together. Our boys love the view of their street too Ellen.

Just adore all the training our setters put us through. Such treasured rituals to live our lives by. I love being owned by two setters.

There is no other dog i would want to be owned by Rhonda, as you say we love living our lives to there rituals (",)

Our ritual starts at about the same time as yours....they both come and stand in front of me....(between the TV and me) and they just stand there and stare...until I get up and then I get the circle dance all the way from the living room, through the kitchen, and the utility room, until I open the back door....our for a quick pee etc then straight up stairs and to bed....(Saffy on the bed and Fin y the side) that is our evening ritual...it gets a little bit difficult if I am trying to watch something on the TV later than the usual time, or we are in the 'bus' (motorhome) then it gets difficult...no space to twist....lol

Every night our two wait until I sit down to watch TV then they dive on me, its great. 

Space is a issue for Irish dance moves Dee. Our Irish wait till I sit down to watch TV and then they decide they need to go outside, I wait and wait, sit down again and yes they tap on the door as soon as I sit down. Your TV antics are much nicer Julie.

Oh I can empathise with that one!

Ritual? My dogs have us trained! They know when they should be fed,they know when they should be walked,they know which one of us gives them their treats and when.Woe betide us if we are late in any of those things! They make sure we know about it!




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