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Hi all,

Just thinking about any funny or strange (in a good way) things your dogs get up to.  Ollie drags his blanket from his bed into our living room, then pushes it back with his front legs then kicks it back with his back legs and basically does this going backwards around the living room!  He does this for about ten minutes then zonks out.  He also likes to play 'let's annoy the cats as much as possible' but the silly boy still hasn't figured out that they always win!!

Also noticed we have a couple of rather large holes in our garden with my underwear in! anyone elses dogs diggers?

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Well, I love this topic!!!

Other than looking both surprised and extremely happy everytime I go for a walk first thing in the morning with her (wich is well.....Everyday!) Romã is a pretty "normal" dog. She also loves to carry a toy in her mouth looking like the happiest dog in the world, troting on on her tiptoes. Then with her it's mostly love and kisses and hugs... she is a very loving dog, to the point that drives my old cocker crazy out of so much kissing and licking :)
Pitanga has more twists and turns in her. For instance, my mother has a small garden that is filled up with very ugly flowers and bees but that she loves and spends a lot of time taking care off. She hates that the dogs go in there so she put a small fence to keep the dogs out( I wonder why to this day...). Pitanga couldn't care less about the garden, but every time my mother is outside and glances at the garden, Pitanga runs, jumps up the fence and gets in there and just stares at my mother, that goes crazy... She loooves anoying my mother. As soon as my mother gives up and stops yelling she comes out of the garden and finds something else to do.
She also amazes my dad with tricks to get herself out of trouble if he is mad at her for some reason... As soon as she hears my dads angry voice she runs and puts wood on the fireplace, or opens the door for him, or brings a towel to the chair near the pool... it's always diferent and always very surprinsing... And it works every time :)
Cash always has to have something in his mouth. A stuffed monkey, a towel, my husbands boxer shorts, something! When we come home, he first runs to his toy box to grab something and whines with it in his mouth while greeting us.
He will even take it in the yard to while peeing. He sound so much like everyone else's posts that I am beginning to believe it is a breed thing. Dublin used to drags his blanket all over the house too. Cash spends hours a day with a tennis ball in his mouth and plays hockey with another ball. Swatting it all over and under everything. He uses his paws really well.
Gib sits his bum on the sofa with his front legs on the floor.
So does my boy, Clancy. He looks so funny, I just have to laugh. Just hitching his bum up on the sofa to sit for a while!
Dash does the same thing! I'm glad to know it appears to be a Setter trait, not just a Dash-only weirdness! Dash will also simply plop his butt down on your lap, if you are sitting.
Like the others, Dash has to carry something in his mouth all of the time. When we go for walks, he'll stuff two or three things in his mouth - balls, toys, pieces of rawhide chews - and bring them along, dropping them along our way. Sometimes he'll pick up items he's left on previous walks and sometimes he picks up things that don't belong to him - we've got a signed baseball here that I know isn't ours but I can't figure where it came from.
ROFL a signed baseball! That made me chuckle. Wonder if Mickey Mantle signed it? Could be worth money!
Norna sits on you! she will clamb on your knee every chance she gets. At ringcraft its embarrassing to see this ladylike IRWS clambering onto my knee (or anyones) so that she can sit and watch what is going on!
Strange is a relative term ... my irish have done pretty much everything listed here (butt on couch/feet on floor, carrying around underwear in front of company!!, and so forth!) I prefer the term "quirky" or "endearing"!! Cosmo is really into eating dirt ... he nips it out of the potted plants or settles in for a snack in the yard while I'm hanging out the wash. I suppose it could be a nutritional deficiency symptom, but give he's a setter, I just assume he enjoys getting my attention!! Nothing like a good muddy dog kiss!
Not just Fergus, relax :).
My girls sleep on my bed and take their sleeping hours very seriously! This means that they might go to bed before me if we have someone over for dinner. They cry and bother everyone unitl I get up, tell them to come to bed, go in the bedroon with them, tell them to get in bed. Then I have to talk and pet both until they settle. And right before I leave the bedroom... Good night Kiss to each, otherwise I have two red things following me back to the living room... LOL.
I guess my girls are even stranger than Fergus when it comes to sleeping :)
As Frazer used to say in Dad's Army "Yer all DOOMED!"




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