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What do you call your dogs (other than their name) and why?

Just reading the "do setters ever grow up" thread got me thinking about what we call(shout scream etc) at our dogs when they are misbehaving? 

For us Charlie (nutty boy) must think he is called "YOU LITTLE....". 

It never gets any further than that because before we can get to our chosen expletive he has generally done something ever so sweet to melt our hearts again. I'm beginning to think that he has a very well developed ability in trouble avoidance. 

So what happens in your households? What do you scream at your mutt and whats the longest anyone has ever managed to stay mad at a setter?


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Willow is also known as Smart Bump (because of the bump on top of her head), the Red Headed Step Child (as we've only had spaniels) and the Little Red Corvette (as she's so darn fast!).
She has a new name - My Pretty Pony! LOL!!!
We call Murphy our stealy thief .......... can you guess why?
When we talk about my dogs, my family generaly refers to the "Girls". I call eiher "kika" if they are scared... I have no idea why i do that, lol!
If I am angry, i call them Maria with their name or Manel to my dog...
They become " Ginja Maria", "Maria Pitanga", "Maria Romã" and "Lord Manel"
Since Pitanga and Romã are the setters, Maria Pitanga and Maria Romã are the names i most often call around here :)
I can never stay mad at my dog long , the way she just looks at me as if wondering what she had done and then starts to try and lick me.

Millie gets called all sorts of names from Millster, Mill Dog to Sweet cheeks when i am talking to but when she decides to run off at the end of a walk i just call her Millie in the nicest voice i can but usually through gritted teeth when she looks and decides she wants to run for more than her two hours exercise.
Are you sitting comfortably????
Tinker = Tinkerbell - because most of the time he behaves like a precious fairy, Stink, Twinkle, Ting Tong, Mummy and Daddy's Precious Angel.
Spider = Spi, Spidy, Spiderdog One, I Spy with My Little Eye, Juan, Dr Dog (due to his uncanny gift of healing wounds with his Spider Powers!)
Collectively they have been known as the Troublesome Trucks, but most commonly answer to the Weasels or Ginger Tosspots!
Well now, let's see.
Current dog Cash is called Cashy often. If I am getting annoyed he is Cashel, his given name. I am told I call him Poo Poo when I am cuddling him. And if I spend to much on him, which is weekly, he is my Cash Cow. He is also called Fish Sticks if his anals are filled.
I had a Brittany years ago that was named Jax. We called him ButterButt since he was a bit rotund.
our last setter Dublin was usually called Dubby, or just Dub. At home we called him Papa and I have no idea why that one stuck. He was never a daddy! He was also called Mr. Man alot.
I usually don’t have names for the dogs when they are being naughty as I don’t seem to be able to stay angry with them either! When I do need to show my disappointment, it is usually Bi-Jingoes!!!

Clancy when he was little was called “The Dude” which has now developed into Doodlebug! He also gets Clanster the Gangster; Clan the Man; Gorgy Boy and the Big fellow and my son, Mitchell calls him Boof Head!

Bridget is called Missy; Miss Bridget; Pretty Briddie; Bridley Diddley and Zababy (the baby) and if I want to get her attention I use her name and surname… for some reason she always comes running! She loves to get cuddles from everyone in the house so she is also known as the Floozy!

Emby is called Embelina; Baby Girl; Mad Nutter and Crazy Girl;

Monty (now passed) was called Monzerelli; Gorgy Porgy; and when he was little was called Little Man and then The Man!

Oh and they are "Mummy's Girl" or "Mummy's Boy" regardless of who thinks they own them.
I have so many nicknames for my dogs I doubt they ever hear their real names lol...

Fionneaghan - Fionn, Fionni, Fionni McGee, Choops (sound he makes when drinking), McSchlumpy, Sir Sulksalot, Sooky McWhinge-a-lot, Roo-Roo (Niamh gave him that one - fitting, too, since he is the one most impressed with the sound of his own voice!)
Zep - Boofhead, Zap, Stupid
Maia - Bitchy, The Evil One, Maisy-pants, Princess Tubby
Aneira - Aneira Sookface, Baneira, Princess Pricey, Madam, She Who Must Be Obeyed
Simba has several nick names my favorite is Big boy (when he sat on the sofa with me),curly lip, Elvis, nutter and wiggle bum when he is all excited before going for a walk greedy guts and dustbin. My partner sometimes call him Velcro because he is always following me wherever i go.
He also gets called a little bugger when being naughty or does not return on recall. I cannot see how anyone can stay angry with a setter for long.
Baneira is clearly the best ;)

My dogs get a range of names
Spartan - Swan, chump, Swanson, Swansonite, Sparty, Spartony, spartonia
James - Jimmy, Jamie, Jibba, Jibbajoo, cricket, Jimminy Cricket
Ariane - Ari, Wild Banana (Weimaraner), Bitch, Cow and most recently, A-R-I (as in ay-ar-eye - we spell it so she doesn't know we are talking about her, but she still knows)
Dingleforf when they are being silly and special boy or girl when they are being sweet




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