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Looking for advice on the best dry food for harvey I have had him for 4weeks now when he came to me he was on skinners dry food the breeder said he was a very slow eater and had lost a couple of kilos in the 3weeks he had been to his new owners when I got him he wouldn't look at his food so I changed him to wainwright s the same food I had used for my other setters large breed puppy for harvey the vet checked him for me when I got him and agreed he was under weight and told me to feed him as much as he wanted I am feeding him the correct amount for his age plus mixing in half a can of wet food my worry is he's pooing 6 or 7times a day and he's not going to put the weight on he's really long and tall but very boney especially at his back end any suggestions would be appreciated And he's certainly not a fussy slow eater he loves his food

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Thank Finn, yes, of course we also do like this if/when we go from just a place to another.. But with `traveling' I meant holiday, i.e. even camping few weeks well far from shops/supermarkets or far from electricity in some cases.. and with just a portable freezer soft bag under 40C and the sun I woudnt go for raw meat ;)

even our long lasting milk must be trown away after few hours from opening, so having raw meat in the bag for Oberon is a no-no..(actually, even the tins are suffering from the heat in some places, so dry food is a better choice for us sometimes.. )

we may try the K9 raw-dry at some point (mentioned by Cornelia), the price put us a bit off;) anyway, still waiting for the spring this year, so let's see how our holiday plans will evolve;)

thanks everybody!!



The breeder said he had been wormed but I am actually going to do it tonight

I have often bought from Zoopus and they are very good,cheaper for most things but another site is :

Pet Shop Bowl which also have good offers https://store-7965b.mybigcommerce.com

The dry food I use is Beta Sensitive Salmon and Rice.I can only say it suits my dogs.

Cornelia, sounds Ilke your Irish have a wonderful life they are so the breed for loving all the travels you do :0)) I'm doing a little camping at Easter and thought the redkids will hopefully love it. Sorry I got off the food discussion!
Hy kirstie Harvey's doing really well we got him weighed on Friday he's now 21.5kilos he was 17 4 weeks ago so although he's pooing a lot he is obvisouly getting something from it but the vets recommended royal canin junior (skin &digestive) so we are in the process of gradually introducing it to his food and the pooing isn't as bad and I did worm him aswell but I don't think he had worms

Hi Angeline 

I've not been on for a while so I'm just catching up with things Just wondering how you are doing with Harvey?

I've recently had a few problem with my setter boy I had them on chudley's puppy when we were weaning them and they were doing well but when I moved them on to junior I was getting sloppy poo and it didn't look like food was being digested properly. They stunk as well Oscar could clear a room oh it was bad.

I changed them on to wainwright Oscar had a growth spurt and lost loads of weight he is long and tall too a big boy and was boney and his pin bones showed so much.. 

After talking to lots of ladies at ringcraft who kept saying he needs building up I tried Arden Grange puppy/junior large breed and he is doing very well now. 

I also feed raw meat, sardines/fish, scrambled eggs, cheese, leftover's when having veg and roasts n top of their dried food.

What a difference it has made weight is going back on and he is looking good.

More expense than we wanted but sometimes it is worth using some of the  best food available,  some setters can have sensitive tummy's and need a good diet.

As for Harvey eating slowly this is far better than him wolfing it down will reduce any colic/bloat issues.

Good luck and hope things are now working out.




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