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Does anyone know of people who "hunt" with their IRWS in Australia?


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I think all the IRWS that went to Australia were show bred dogs. Unless Jim Sheridan (Craigrua) has sent anything out there?
Sandy Peter Ka in Western Australia imported a red and white dog from Holland, bred from two working red Irish Setters, and it was registered as an Irish Setter in Australia.
I cant think of anybody who has imported working IRWS.
I have to agree with Margaret I dont know of any IRWS in Australia which hunt.When it comes to claims that our dogs hunt just remember all that shines is not gold.I would suggest you should contact the Red Setter Club to meet people who hunt with their red setters. Terry
Ok thanks

I only know of 2 IRWS breeders here- so wasnt sure of if there was anything.
I have been in contact with one breeder in Australia:
The Tintookie Pointers and Irish Red and White Setters
Southern River
Western Australia

She told me that they were the only breeder left in Australia, and that their lines are from kennels in both UK and New Zeeland. Their first dogs were Ch. Eirefyre Padraic and Ch.Acecavel Katalin. I think the kennel in New Zeeland is named Truestone.
Here is the link to the kennel in Australia: http://tintookie.bestinshow.biz/index2.htm
They said that all their dogs show hunting ability but as they live in Western Australia - where field trials etc - are not allowed they cannot compete with them. Is this also the case were you live? It is a shame if you can't train and compete with your dog if that is what you want to do...

You probably already know this but just in case you didn't .... :)

Best regards
Well they arent the only breeder in Australia- as I have my pup from Karnachan Kennels in Sydney.
I just wanted to know if there was a club out here like there is for Irish Setters?
Actually Robin Mackintosh Imorted the first Irish Red and White Setters into Australia, and she is still breeding,she actually imported 3, had the first Aust.Grand Champion Male, and the 2nd Grand Champion Bitch. She also has a litter of Irish Red and White Setters and has 4 boys left from this last litter she bred, so you can check out her website. http://www.karnachancavaliersandirishredandwhitesetters.net
Peri,  We sent a male pup to Tintookie Kennels. He just turned 2 years old and both of his parents hunt.  So although the dogs at the kennel aren't hunted I know that Devlin was showing promise before he left at 9 months of age.  His sire is Am. CH Machias Forged in Fire and his dam is  Am. CH Blue Chip Emerald of Shandon JH who is 100% Craigrua bloodlines.




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