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There are many members here that make very good photos. I think it would be useful if we share our experience and knowledge about photography. For start I am interesting in equipment that you use by making your photos.

My equipment:
camera: DSLR Nikon D5000
lenses: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-105mm
program: Photoshop

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I have a compact camera, Canon PowerShot S5IS. It is a good all-round camera and also very useful for macro shots. The program I have is Photoshop CS2 but I don't use it often.

Thanks! :-)
Very nice photo :)
I use old analog Canon EOS 500 but i'm quite sure I'll know soon everything about digital cameras to choose one;)))
Hi all,

my camera is a Canon EOS 30D
I have two lenses: Canon EFS 17-85mm and 'my dream come true' Canon EF 200mm 1:2.8 LII

I've been trying to get action shots of my setters for roughly 25 years - and finally, thanks to sophisticated equipment and well behaved dogs (well mostly...) I am finally getting there. But I have by no means grasped all the the possibilities my camera can offer me!

I use Photoshop for editing.
My camera is a Canon 450D with a 18-55mm lense.
As program I use photofiltre, photoshop and picture it.
I´m here too :)

My camera is Canon EOS Mark II and lenses EF 1.8 55mm + EF 4.-5.6 70-300mm. I´m longing for what Susan has the EF 2.8 200mm. Before I can afford that I am trying to get a EF 1.8 85mm. Those are affordable when bought used. This short lense has a beautiful bokeh.

My aim is to capture the perfect movement in a setter full of speed. The habitat that I live in is quite challenging with its exeptional lightning. Snow,polar night-time and spring with its heavy sunshine gives a drive a photographer can not get used to...I love to take photos of birds as well

Katariina your photos are realy good. Glad to see you here in our group.
You propably live in an area with light? At least lighter than in Finland at this time of the year...?
Then the 70-300mm 4.-5.6 lense could be your choise and its prize fits to your limit.
I am also inetrested in this lens 70-300mm. But according to Jarno experiences I am in a doubt. I intend to buy Nikkor lens and Jarno has an old Cannon lens. Jarno could you explain once again what are your experiences with this lens. And if maybe Cannon has already new lens without deficiencys that Jarno has discovered by his lens. Maybe somebody else experience with this lens.

first excellent butterflyshot and birdshot.

My equipment:

Nikon D300
Nikkor 50 mm f/1,4
Nikkor 18-200 f/3,5-5,6
Nikkor micro 105mm f/2,8

The next lense will be a Nikkor 300 mm

Adobe photoshop (the latest)

Some neutral filters for the lense
Tripod Manfrotto 458 B Neotec
Head Manfrotto 469 MGRC 4
A case

I prefer not to work in photoshop. If I do I usually crop.




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