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Rooo Rooo,
Gosh it is hot in Idaho now. We've had cold weather all Spring and now the weather is wonderful. I get to see hummingbirds on my deck in the morning and night.

My creature took me to a dog show where there were lots of other dogs. I never saw so many different kinds. One mean dog lunged at me and his creature said it was MY FAULT. He told my creature that I LUNGED at his dog! The nerve! I only wanted to play.

I watched agility and that was wonderful. My owner got me a spay bottle and sprayed me all day long when it was so hot. I did pretty good in the puppy show, I took 4th out of 6 puppies. I received a Best of Show, course I was the only Irish! I sat down in the ring two times and I saw my owner taking photos and I was wondering why I was with Jane Guidinger and not my owner!

I get to go to the forest almost every week now. I see ducks and I'm ready to learn how to swim. I just get scared! My front paws splash high in the air, I look around and don't dare go into the deeper water.

I got to chase 2 cats all weekend, my sister Michelle brought her cats. The little boy cat, Oscar, is not scared of me. He was named after Oscar the Grouch because he was found in an alley.

I stole a sand bucket from a little girl who was digging in the sand and trying to splash me with water in the bucket. I showed her, I took it down the beach and my owner chased me to retreive it.

Happy Summer to everyone. I am learning to be groomed and I don't want to sit still. My hair cut was "wacky" because I moved when a lady was shaving the top of my ears.

Happy Tails!

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Comment by Charlotte Godart - Riverwood on June 26, 2008 at 2:12am
Congratulations for the first show with Annie !!!
Comment by Linda Andreu on July 2, 2008 at 9:20am
Hello Annie,

I am Tilly and I am 15 weeks old. We like reading your stories!

Love Tilly, Tara and Linda xx
Comment by Judi Schuerman on July 3, 2008 at 11:30am
Thank you Charlotte and Linda. We are having a great summer!


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