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Has anyone had any experience of having an IS in need of a laryngeal tieback operation. My oldest boy, Dillon is almost 9 now and has been diagnosed with LP and despite it being a fairly life-changing op, occasionally there's a risk of food and water going down onto the lungs and causing 'aspiration pneumonia'. Dillon will ave to ave t done one day in the future as it will only get worse but I'd hate to do it now and then make him really ill or worse when at the moment he is managing well. Any feedback would be welcome.

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Comment by Dawn Riddell on May 21, 2013 at 5:41pm

Hi Jane, back in 2007 my Irish Setter Bailey needed a Laryngeal Tieback operation.

Looking back, I think he had always had some degree of Laryngeal Paralysis. He never had a big dogs deep bark, rather he had a high pitched squeek instead, but it wasn't until he got older, that his wheezy breathing became evident. Even then it didn't cause too much trouble until Bailey was 11 years old and that summer he got to crisis point very suddenly.


When I think back to that time, it's a miracle he didn't suffocate, poor soul just couldn't get air into his lungs. This was the point I had no choice but to have him operated on, without it he would die an awful death, but the risks of the surgery scared me very much.


I needn't have worried, he came through the op without any trouble at all, and it restored Bailey to normal activity very quickly, he got his life back. He had no side effects whatsoever, I can recommend this surgery highly. It was a complete success. He went on to live another 2 1/2 years, and I lost him in Feb 2010 aged 13 years and 8 months.


Regards Dawn R.

Comment by Jane Moule on May 22, 2013 at 1:47am
Thank you for letting me know Dawn. Did you have any problems with food or water going onto his lungs at all or did he ever swim and have problems? Certainly doesn't sound like he had any bad after effects. Will keep you posted as to how he gets on when he has it done as I know it will come to that one day.
Jane x
Comment by Rosie Dudley on May 22, 2013 at 3:07am

Hello Jane,

I attended a Breed Health Seminar recently held at and hosted by Dick White Referrals, they are near Newmarket,  http://www.dickwhitereferrals.com/  One of the topics was Laryngeal Paralysis and Dick White himself spoke, he is an expert on this subject, he taught for 25 years at the RVC and Cambridge and we were given an indepth analysis including a video of the operation and what can go wrong, there are two ways that the operation can be performed, the first and older way has the risk of post op inability to swallow correctly. The method he uses illiminates this risk and ties back the larygs in a different way. He advised us to make sure that the vet was using this newer method before agreeing to surgery.

I was very impresed with the set up at the practice, they seem to have the top people and equipment. they even have their own MIR scanner. If I were going to have my dog operated on I would check out how much extra it would cost to have a referral to have Dick White do the op, but at least check that your vet was up to speed.

We were going to get a transcript of the lectures, when they arrive I will let you have a copy of Dick White's.

Best wishes Rosie

Comment by Dawn Riddell on May 22, 2013 at 12:08pm

No Jane, Bailey never aspirated either food or water, and he was never a swimmer anyway.


Dawn R.

Comment by Catherine Michelle Loughlin on May 24, 2013 at 5:43am

Jane, two of my boys had tie-backs and never a problem with either of them after surgery.  They both went on to live normal lives.  I have been told that Irish Setters and Afghan Hounds are quite prone to this condition as they get older.  This is only a suggestion, but I would have the operation done sooner rather than later as the longer you leave it the harder it would be for him to make a full recovery.  I hope all goes well with your boy and he has many more years with you.


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