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At 12:42pm on January 6, 2011, Dawn Riddell said…

Oh wow, I didn't know you boys were baby bears. I'm pleased with myself that I can judge to type as it were. I see you found my profile info about my wonderful old lad Bailey. Bailey was 13 1/2 when he died last February, he was my soul mate and I miss him every day.

My younger boy Rory is 3 years old now, and is line bred back to Joshua on both sides of his pedigree through his Grandfather (Sh Ch Cataluna Gee Whiz) and his great grandmother (Cataluna Georgia on my Mind) these two were Baileys litter brother and litter sister. So he is closely related to my Bailey who was never used at stud, so the next best thing really. Bailey was Cataluna Son of a Gun, and Rory is Cataluna Doc Holliday via Trunorth.


How about your chaps, who bred them? and have you shown them?


Dawn R.

At 12:46pm on January 6, 2011, Dawn Riddell said…

Well well well, I just had another look at the photo of Sebby and seen you have put a title on it CATALUNA........ I'm better than I though at spotting my type. How old is Seb now?


Dawn R.

At 12:50pm on January 6, 2011, Dawn Riddell said…

Pleased to accept your friend request.


Dawn R.

At 5:10pm on January 7, 2011, Dawn Riddell said…

So that means that my Bailey and your Rudy were full brothers although not litter brothers because Bailey was out of Au Contraire too. He was from the 1996 litter. It's almost a year since I lost him, I can't believe it's been that long already, I think about him every day.



At 5:54am on January 9, 2011, Dawn Riddell said…

Oh my gosh Julie you are going through the mill just now. I hadn't seen your thread about Seb's problems till now and didn't realise how recently you lost Rudy. It' not suprising you are all finding life so difficult at the moment.

I see you have had alot of advice that sounds so reasonable, and to be honest, you sound like you were doing everything right in dealing with it. It's that thing about TIME isn't it. Things will settle down in time, keep plodding on, Seb will not be depressed for ever, but you need to be patient with him without allowing him to make up all the rules, sometimes you may need to ignore his being silly, but give him his space.


Are those puppy photos the new boy? He looks very smart. What is his name? You and I have so much in common, I absolutely adore Dionysus, he would be my choice of sire if I were looking for a new puppy right now, you are so lucky, I'm green with envy (emerald green of course).


Stay strong and hang in there, give Sebby a kiss from his nephew Rory.


Dawn R.

At 2:31am on January 10, 2011, Dawn Riddell said…

Hi Julie, I've just been reading yout latest message where you say about Puppy having the second injection again. I know you have been inundated with advice on all aspects of your difficult situation and you probably can't take much more, but............if I were in your situation I would without any hesitation get Puppy out and about. The risk of him picking up an infection is far far lower than the risk of problems due to him being undersocialised.


Honestly, I have never ever in almost 40 years of dog keeping, kept a puppy in after their second injection. I walk them out of the Vet surgery immediately after, and that's that. Mine go to training class at the first opportunity, around 13 weeks, and they go to Pets at Home, which is great because it gets them in amongst animal loving people who all want to speak to them and pet them, and it's all excellent experience, which is supremely important. Walking along a busy shopping area is also good, they need to experience crowds and traffic and as much noisy stuff as you find for them.


I'm sorry if I sound like I'm preaching at you, I don't mean to be bossy, but this is so important. All the best. I'm willing you to get through this quickly and without incident.


Dawn R.

At 1:08pm on January 31, 2011, Charlotte Godart - Riverwood said…

Hi Julie,

Thank you for your comment about my Scotty Boy.

You can see is pedigree on the picture that you comment ;-)

Best regards from Belgium,

Charlotte & the Riverwood's

At 12:48pm on February 1, 2011, Chantal McIlveen-Wright said…

Many thanks for the invitation Julie and very happy to become your ES friend.
Yes I lost MC the 9/05/10 and still cannot face it ... hence my pictures being not completed and in fact confusing people. Soon I will do something acceptable, I am almost ready now, but God it is hard... and MC was not my only dog, far from it!!! but my very special soul mate. Sorry for the confusion.

At 3:45pm on February 1, 2011, Leigh Richardson said…

Hi, Good to hear from you, it's nice to see what the others look like, we have also seen pictures of their other brother Merlot. I will try and add some pictures of Harry and add them on soon, there are on the camera but haven't made it as far as the computer.



At 5:24am on April 16, 2011, Garrech and Canagan said…

Hi Julie,

I'm bot sure whether you received my message earlier this month?

It was Canagan who died last October who suffered from
Bloat. But it wasn't bloat that killed him. He didn't even make his 3rd

Garrech, although he suffered greatly at his loss (they were
real soul mates and so similar in age!), is presently reasonably healthy
although he also can get gassy at times. I sometimes worry about the
consistency of quality of the food we all buy for our animals to eat.

We had made some headway with controlling Canagan's
bloating. We stopped any kibble and fed him a hypoallergenic diet with freshly
cooked rice spread over 4 meals. We gave him Zantac tablets before most meals
and found that Windeeze capsules helped get rid of the gas if he started an
attack. It also proved important to try to avoid him facing stressful
situations such as a person he was nervous of or the local tabac where he
didn't like the owners dog.

We still miss him every day.



At 5:29pm on June 23, 2011, Leigh Richardson said…

Hi Julie,

Have tried to send a reply to your message, but it wont send, could you send us your email address. You may have it but its not in our sent items



At 5:04pm on July 15, 2011, James Doran said…

Hi Julie, thanks for contacting me.I seem to have lost your comment somehow,but let me tell you,if your puppy turns out like my Romeo in anyway at all then you are in for a treat! Sincere regards and friendship,


At 8:12am on January 29, 2012, Charlotte Beeney said…

Thanks for the invite :) would be interesting to hear about your boys allergies and compare!

At 4:40am on April 12, 2012, Ellen Turberfield said…

Hi just looked at your photos would love to have more than one setter, i was just the same loved setters from early age and got one as soon as i left home and i agree about the ears your comment made me laugh as i feel the same (",)

At 5:03am on April 12, 2012, julie madin said…

Hi Ellen, glad I made you smile. Im not sure if I read your comments accurately. Is your boy poorly?

At 5:12am on April 13, 2012, Ellen Turberfield said…

Hi Julie, yes i'm affraid my Finlay is ill, i thought he had sprained his paw but after 2 weeks vet didn't think it seemed better so he x-rayed said he thought it was either a bone infection or bone tumor, infection was ruled out, early Jan he had bone biopsy which was inconclusive but vet still said it was tumor but he wasn't acting like a sick dog,3 more sets of x-rays and a consultation with specialist vet all agreed my sweetheart had cancer, was told day after he was 2 in December that he'd only have 6 weeks, but no one has told Finlay, i pray every day for a miracle. Thanks for asking

At 4:25am on April 15, 2012, Ellen Turberfield said…

Thanks Julie, it is hard, at the moment Finlay is taking all his toys out in to the garden one by one waiting for me to go and play with him, think it's time to get my jacket on and play (",)

At 5:30pm on April 17, 2012, Ellen Turberfield said…

Hi Julie thanks for friend invite, when i accepted i lost comment you left me, did you say your boy had a accident young? i also feel sick most days cant sleep well and either cant eat or cant stop eating, i'm going to be in a right state ("',)

At 4:11am on June 16, 2012, Ellen Turberfield said…

Hi Juile been reading your forum page wish i was more knowledgeable and could offer some advice as l know it's very hard knowing what to do and then wondering if you have made the right decision for your boy, i had two months worring if i'd made right decision not to amputate Finlays leg but my gut feeling was no and i'm glad i stuck with that, so follow your instincts you know your boy xxx

At 4:23am on June 19, 2012, Ellen Turberfield said…

Hi Julie, how's Teddy doing any news?

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