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At 6:43pm on September 14, 2010, Maggie Smith said…
Welcome - plenty of passionate setter lovers here - you will love it
At 6:19pm on September 17, 2010, Claire Prangle said…
Welcome to the site Chantal, hope you enjoy it, look forward to seeing photo's of your dog
Kind Regards

At 7:21am on September 18, 2010, Claire Prangle said…
I do understand how hard it is to lose a dog, i had to put my Beautiful Chance to sleep in March, he was 3 1/2 years old, and it still hurts but time is a great healer.
Take Care
At 7:23am on September 18, 2010, Claire Prangle gave Chantal McIlveen-Wright a gift
At 5:29pm on September 18, 2010, Maggie Smith said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes - as usual my girls 'bought' me all the presents that I wanted 2 charms and perfume - they know me so well. Girls are very happy with walkies today. Georgie my 4 year old has been ground much to her displeasure. She fractured her tail 2 weeks ago so it needs time to heal. I am going to Darlington Show tommorrow just for a look and maybe show my friends girl - Lucia. Good to talk to you
At 1:16am on September 19, 2010, lyn hathaway said…
welcome aboard chantal
At 2:42pm on September 19, 2010, jacqueline lockett said…
Thankyou Chantel, pups celebrated with lots of kisses and running around as pups do, this is my first time on site and I think its fab. Tilly and Timmy are my second set of Irish Setters lost my beautiful girl Belle in February this year due to gastric tortion, miss her every day but these two are fun and fantastic to have around.
At 4:08pm on September 19, 2010, jacqueline lockett said…
They are brother and sister, from a litter born on 28th Jan 2010 from a litter by Dee Farndell
Cordarragh Rosanna and Cordarragh Rifleman, sire SH CH Sumaric Shadow of MR JINGLES and Dam Cordarragh JIVE BUNNY, They also have the same bloodline as Belle so its lovely to have a part of her in these two pups.
At 4:24am on September 20, 2010, Peter Hennig said…
Thankyou very much for the birthday wishes . Elton slept on the bed with me which is a nice way to start the day
He is a beautiful boy that has helped fill the void of the loss of Morgan
cheers Peter
At 6:14am on September 20, 2010, Peter Hennig said…
Hi Chantal I just had a look at your photos there are some really lovely shots , you've captured the emotion with the looks on your faces. There is something about the IS that endears them like no other breed. My wife and I have a two y/o Afghan and a 13 week old afghan and a 1 y/o havanese but its the Irish that has my heart dont get me wrong I love all the others but there is something very special with the Irish cheers Peter
At 9:59am on September 21, 2010, Tina Clamp said…
hi chantal

what a lovely little boy you've got, i bet he is a bundle of fun he must be.
At 2:21am on September 27, 2010, Michel Vermeulen said…
Thank you for the birthday wishes Chantal.

The birthday cuddles were overwhelming !
At 1:39pm on September 28, 2010, Cathy Smythe said…
Am cuddling right now for you Chantal!! It is just so nice to find a community which seems to be purely for the love of these dogs with no hidden agendas. I'm loving it!
At 2:49pm on September 28, 2010, Cathy Smythe said…
Your pictures are beautiful Chantal and so sorry for your recent loss. We lost our Fonz not too long ago and they leave such a huge gap when they go .......... thank goodness for all the wonderful memories though.
At 7:50pm on September 28, 2010, Carolyn Rose said…
Thank you for the birthday greetings.
I took my dog Sassy with me on a 31/2 hour drive each way to collect my granddaughter. Sassy enjoyed the drive with her head out the car window most of the way then 2 hours running thru the country side and swimming in the billibong. When we arrived home she went straight to bed
A great day all in all.
At 11:50am on September 30, 2010, Brian J. Pittaway said…
Hi Chantal, Thank you for your kind wishes. All 3 dogs gave me lots of kisses and cuddles, but then again, they are such loving dogs that we both get plenty of kisses and cuddles on a daily basis.

Thank you,

At 7:01am on October 2, 2010, lyn hathaway said…
Hi chantel many thanks for enquiring about layla.she is doing really well we r at present at the coast for five weeks.she loves it and at this time of year we have the beaches mostly to ourselves so she can have so much freedom and with out bumping into anything.hope everyone at your end ok
At 7:15am on October 2, 2010, Anu Zaerens said…
Thanks Chantal! :-)
Allu sang me a song in the morning, as he's used to do so every morning. ;-D It's a beautiful day, sun is shining and it's about 3 degrees celsius outside! We went to check out the birdies near here just a moment ago and he found enough to be pretty tired little setter boy now. ;-D

Cheers, Anu
At 9:52am on October 2, 2010, Frances Howard said…
Thanks for the good wishes Chantal! somewhat surprisingly it's a no in answer to the question - Lottie decided this morning was a good morning for a lie-in and refused to get out of bed even for my birthday! I think she's making the most of the peace and quiet - in two weeks time we collect our little puppy - another IS - can't wait!
At 1:51pm on October 3, 2010, Astrid Landsaat said…
Hello Chantal,

thank you for your comment on my photo! I am so sorry to hear that you lost your boy as well. Did he have health problems?

Some years ago I really believed that Eukanuba was very good food. Breeders and vets recommend it and it is expensive so it should be very good. That was until she started seizing. Then I started searching the www for information about epilepsy. The food issue came back in every article I found. Then I started doing research on dog food, what I found was really shocking! It is true that lots of food contain euthanised pets and all the rubbish that's left over from our food industry.

I don't know what is wrong with people. Feeding carnivores loads of grain and other stuff they never would eat in the wild? There are some articles about food on my (Dutch) forum: http://epilepsiebijhonden.actieforum.com/epilepsie-en-voeding-f7/

Kindest regards,

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