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At 5:55pm on September 20, 2007, Mavis said…
That is a gorgeous picture of your dog Agnieszka. Please tell us about him or her.
At 4:07pm on September 21, 2007, Laura Kolbach said…
very nice banner picture! welcome here!
At 11:41pm on September 21, 2007, Sharyn Latchford said…
Lovely picture of your Boy by the sea...he looks super

At 9:42am on September 22, 2007, Agnieszka Dufrat 'Neiven' said…
Nice to see you at this great site. Another person from Poland :)
Aga ;)
At 5:25pm on September 22, 2007, Londa Warren said…
Hello Agnieszka - I'm very curious about your name (as well as Agnieszka Durfrat's name!). Is it the polish version of Agnes?
At 5:33pm on September 22, 2007, Agnieszka Rola said…
Hi Londa,
yes Agnieszka is the polish version of Agnes, this name is very popular in Poland :)
At 1:11pm on September 24, 2007, Cecilia GUIOT said…
Hello, very beautiful boy.
I saw one of his family in a french show : AMERICAN DOLLAR Z ARISLANDU.
kinds regards
At 2:10pm on September 28, 2007, Mistylake said…

greetings from Finland!
Conner is handsome! Love your photos!
At 1:37pm on September 29, 2007, ursula wilby said…
I enjoyed the "playing with myself" video! He is so happy and not a care in the world!
At 12:07pm on October 4, 2007, Marta Galuszka said…
Hello Aga!
Conner looks fabulous!!!
You took great photos of him!
P.S. It's great to know that you are here:-)
Kisses from me and my girls
At 3:09pm on October 16, 2007, Anna Przywecka Saturnii said…
Hi Aga:)
Nice to see you here:)Congratulations the first Conner's litter.So sweet pupies:)Conner looks very handsom I like him a lot.

Big kissef for You both
Anna & Saturnii Setters:)
At 12:51pm on October 21, 2007, Meldor-Sett said…
Little kids say hello to dady ;)
At 12:56pm on October 21, 2007, ursula wilby said…
Well it was worthwile getting wet for that photo!
At 4:17pm on October 29, 2007, Ewa Wojcik said…
nice to see you and Conner.
Ewa & Tequi & Laki
At 4:31pm on October 31, 2007, Judi Schuerman said…
My computer screen is getting too dark, it is old. I couldn't tell one dog is a lab. Thanks for pointing out to me!
At 10:42am on November 2, 2007, philippe.deram said…
Bonjour Agniesta...
Merci beaucoup pour tes compliments sur ma Tulssye.
A bientot pour des nouvelles...
Content de faire parti de tes amis ...
Amicalement PHILIPPE
At 10:13am on November 5, 2007, Meldor-Sett said…
Hi Agnieszka,
Celtic Hero is already in his new home, since the beginning he's felt well there and all his new fammilly is happy of his comming.
At 2:08pm on November 7, 2007, Marta Magi said…
Hi Aga,
great to see you here!
Yes, you are right, Sarah's granddad ShCh Shandwick Amethyst and Conner's daddy Ch Shandwick Topaz are litter brothers, it's great isn't it?! :) Anyway, both Amethyst and Sarah has a little white on their chest as well as Conner :)
I saw few photos of your boy sometime earlier and I remember that I liked him very much. Now I am know the reason of it :)
You've lovely photos & funny videos uploaded, it was pleased to watching them all! :)
Keep in touch,
At 3:59pm on November 7, 2007, Marta Magi said…
I think the same, it would be nice to meet you and Conner one day!
Never have enough time to upload photos to here, but you can find about 50-60 photos of Sarah on my website :)
At 11:14am on November 12, 2007, Meldor-Sett said…
Hi Agnieszka,
I would like to thank you for showing Beauty so beautifully.

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