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It seems that nobody wish to start a discussion here, and I see some well known breeders who I’m sure have a lot to say about Irish setter.
Let’s start like this… question for all off course: Which dogs do you think left the greatest impact in modern history on the breed in general (or in your country) and why?

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Thank you ladies
I guess that these topics (great show dogs and fashionable sires) do often come along together indeed.
It’s interesting that you all agreed I think that it is lucky combination of lines what made these dogs, as well as many others, such worthy reproducers. (Although I meant “why” in a sense: what was that what they passed on to their offspring, that we can today call them top producer, but never mind that now.)

Don’t stop now people, what about the dogs in your own countries?
I am at work right now so cannot really go into too much detail, but for the Balkan countries, I would say that Wendover Tussle has made a great impact in the breed, and has taken it in the new direction. I am sure he can still be found in the back generations of the current dogs in the area. He brought in some more substance (in my opinion) and has been a basis for a lot of the kennels in that area. Lately, certainly Caspians Intrepid's offspring has made an impact on the bloodlines.
There is always a concern in over-saturation with the great studs, especially when dealing with a closed geographical area...
Hope it made some sense... Back to work now ;O)
Yes you are right Jelena. At that time Wendower Tussle and Wendover Red Lilac really made their mark. Also Carrig Maid's Harvey. All were owned by Dr Radovan Signjar (Red Witch of Grič kennel). I learned a lot from him. My first litter back in 1986 was sired by Tussle, next one by his son. Unfortunately here again we faced the "popular sire syndrome". Tussle was used so many times that within a few years all the dogs were related in ex Yu and it was difficult to find a stud. There were other imports in that time (80's), but they did not seem to make much impact. There are stil some lines going back to those dogs, but not many. I think you would find that the lines have changed a great deal over here.
In Hungary it was obviously Erinade Extinguished "Dr.Robin". There were other English import before, like Tamwood Minder and Bardonhill Storm Front, but Robin definately made the mark. As usual, this in my opinion :) Robin produced good offspring with various bitches, gave them substance and that typical Irish Setter head, and the coat, oh the coat. His progeny went on to be the basis of other kennels. He also changed a lot on the temperaments.
I still remember seeing him the first time in 1996 summer (though I had no idea who he was), he went BIS on that show near my hometown. A marvellous dog. Still very happy if we go for a visit!
Hi Laura,
I remember seeing Bardonhill Storm Front and Erinade Extinguished at the 'Champion of Champions' show here in Basel/Switzerland in 199... (?). They were both beautiful dogs and real ambassadors of the breed.
That show in Basel was so very nice. I came there with my friend. There were some really lovely Irish there. And even the experienced handlers were a bit worried about how things would go. It was a totally new experience for all of them. Each dog was examined by 3 different judges who would score them (1-100 points). Then points were counted and best dogs made it to the final. I think it was Ch Vicary's Pipepiper who won in Group VII, but Ch Bardonhill Storm Front was also placed.
hmm,what I can say..If Im a breeder from few years,when my first Irish Sett;is now 7 years old.I prefer english type,and one of the most excellant dogs who I know and love in europe are:two boys what I have in every pedigree on my line:Vicary's US Dollar and Caspians Intrepid..more?hmmm some Clonagreera's,some Vicary's:)Erinade Extinguished "Dr.Robin"of course,Kerryfair Night Fever-yes.There is more excellant dogs in all europe and also USA not only dogs,but a specially lines....but Im just starting I was breed 5 litters so..I can tell something more about "the most" and the history of..when I will be setters breeder with 20 years experience.I was seen lot of nice dogs in shows in europe,but...I need more years to tell that I know really much about setters.
Firs love that was US Dollar,I saw him first time on "dog trening school" here in Belgium(6years ago) he was this time in excellant form...and when I saw his head,movement and coat and than I was meet this dog and so.. sweet character I know from this time what's mean IRSH SETTER:)I was dreaming about IS when I was a child,and 6 years ago "my dreams come true" Now I have few Setters at home and every day "my dream is come true" Im verry carefill and discreet about my breeding plans...But I hope that after 20 years(OK,maybe 10) I will say more about IS than now.What is not maen that now I don't know what you all are talking about:)))
With huge respect for You all
Im sorry for my english:/
I fell for Robin through the photos and some videoclips I saw on him.
But the biggest "hit" was when visiting at "Berboss" and got to see Robin live - a big charasteristic and just as charming I had always figured. Even with some white on his face and in veteran age - that wagging tail and him snoring beside me when we took a nap together. Happy to have his daughter at the house :)
Oh yes there are some English lines that carry tons of coat. Just look at the Thendara dogs. They are always in outstanding coats and immaculately groomed.
Everyone who knows me can for sure foresee what I will write here: for me the best and most beautiful setter ever is Vicary's Up To Glory. I know she didn't have too big impact on the breed in general as she has produced only 1 litter, but she had HUGE influence on my "taste" in setters. Glory for me is the perfect irish setter an an ideal for which I am looking for since 2000. That was the year I saw Glory for the first time - it was European Dog Show in Poznan, Yvonne was there with US Dollar, Yassmine and I saw Aylien with Glory. In fact I should write WE saw - as I was together with my boyfriend Bodzio - he is no.1 fan of Glory :) That was the moment we decided - we want a puppy from that bitch and no other one in the whole world. We waited till 2002 when Glory had the litter and pick a male - Odi who is my dearest irish setter. And every setter we take now must have something to do with Glory or to be a bit similar to Glory. But the ideal is still unreached :(
I know my story is a bit away from the subject, but you wanted to know names - and that is the most important name in the setter world for me :-)
Greetings, Kasia
Glory is an absolutely gorgeus girl. But I think for me it was her great-grandmother Handy Hunt v. Huize Comtessa who was the absolute best. I had a chance to see her live at the World Show in Dortmund back in 1991 when she was already a veteran. I also loved Glory's uncle Vicary's Pipepiper. He had something special in the ring. You could hardly ever look at another dog when he was there.
Hello from Germany 1

That is an interesting question, but as many different types of IS you will find, as many different 'trademarkers' are worth mentioning. In Germany we had biggest influence from Ch. MOANRUAD NIMBUS, who was indeed also a show champion. He sired more than 50 litters and did a lot for pointing instinct, manners and style.
His greatgrandson Ch. CONNEMARA'S PATRICK (also imp. Cherrybeach Gaylord behind) had also some influence in the breed.
In DENMARK I would say that the litterbrothers TJAK and LASSE put a stamp on the breed, but to be more precise, it shoul be Ch. CANEL and ENGLYSTS CACHA. Both bitches had a very strong family and still are present today. All going back to SULHAMSTEAD URCHIN D'OR.
In Norway it was the american import ZAN SETT YANKEE DREAM in the early eighties, who really changed everything and nowadays is found in nearly every pedigree. His appearance marked the end of the old STEINSFOSSEN's line. His sire ZAN SETT ABRA should be also known in the USA.
Finnland had a russian import VIKING from St. Petersburg in the seventies, who was an offspring of the east german import FLOTT VOM GOLDBERG, who again was a son of ...the norwegian Ch. MONTEBELLOS HARR, who came into DDR in the fifties and did extremely well.
In New Zealand I would say that both ERINVALE dogs from GB did well and JONSMAE STARTIME OF ERINVALE left his marks also in Australia.
BUT...this is all from a very special point of view;-)))

Regards Christiane




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