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What is your particular "Pet-hate" when it comes to faults?

Looking at the photographs on this site, the irish setter comes in many shapes. When it comes to shows, most judges have their special "pet-hates". In fact I think we all have.
I am disregarding temperament here and just focusing on what the eye can see.
My two "pet-hates" are droopy eyes (I used to have bloodhounds, and those eyes belong to the breed but NOT on a setter!)
The other one I find hard to accept is a high tail. To me the tail should carry on from the back and not stick straight up in the air...or even be carried above the line of the back.

So what are your "pet-hates"????

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i can't really accept yellow (or even light brown) eyes - they distroy the irish expression which is so important (to me at least - i am a head-maniac). also too little eyes look strange, the same with round eyes.
i hate bad movements, all the same whether it is stiff legs or with too short steps or hackney action. specially when it is accompanied by an anti-show-dog attitute --> the dog is being dragged around the ring.
and i could carry on :) but i leave space for other comments now.
I agree with all that has been said...

But my personal little dislike in my own dogs are silvery coloured ears... turning into an ugly grey when trimmed too closely. Not a major point I know, but I don't like it!
strangely enough, not all dogs turn silvery. my odin was trimmed by the same persons (including me) as my danka. odin never got that lighter shade on the ears, but danka did. i think it comes with genetics. :-)

i am not really bothered about it - though received a comment on it once.
Its funny Susan, those grey ears...I have never even thought about them...noticed them: Yes, but no more than that.
Also Lauras comment on small eyes makes me wonder if I have ever come across them? Its a bit like when lots of people were talking about BROWN dogs. I can not recall ever having seen one...unless of course I have those SMALL eyes and dont see anything..:-)))
I think one of the things that bothers me the most is the eyes, eyes with no pigment around them, round eyes, light colored eyes and droopy eyes. All of these can distroy the pleasing look of the Irish Setter.

Second thing would be a high rear, making the dog look as if its running down hill.

We all know there is no perfect dog, and never has been one, but some have come as close to what we'd like in our Irish Setters.

Loma, USA
Well, you know how it is, I may intensly dislike droopy eyes and tails up in the air. And I bet having put this in writing, the next puppy I keep will end up just like that...and I will still love it.
Oh, but really, Ursula... where would we get if all breeders thought like that? ;-)))) BG
In the shit Susan!
But then I understood we were there already...according to some. So a few extra droopy eyes and tails up in the air may not going to make that much of a differance!????? :-))))

The faults i dislike the most are bad movement, especially hackned front action, and broad blocky heads(like retrievers) I dont mind pale pigmentation(the original was a dark and pale pigmented breed, so it is in the genes!!) around eyes or a brown nose(within breed standard!!) Eye size is mentioned in the standard "not large"! No shape mentioned! As long as the eyes are mid to dark brown I dont mind shape and they must have a kind expression(very important) I too dislike droopy eyes! High tails are also not good but I dont mind a slight curve(again no mention of the tail having to be straight in the standard!) I also dont like to see overly wavey coats! Got a bit carried away with my dislikes!! ;o)
The ISCA Standard states, " EYES, somewhat almond shaped, of medium size, placed rather well apart, neither deep set nor bulging. Color dark to medium brown.

The TAIL, is set nearly level with the croup as a natural extension of the topline, strong at root, tapering to a fine point, nealy long enough to reach the hock. Carriage straight or curving slightly upward, nearly level with the back.

What does your standard say about BLACK . Is it a disqualification? WE have no disqualification in our stand, but under color it says, Mahogany or rich chestnut red with no black.

Our standard states"rich chestnut with no trace of black;white on chest,throat,chin or toes,or small star on forehead or narrow streak or blaze on nose or face not to disqualify" The British standard mentions eye shape but not our Irish standard!!! I dont know if most people realise the standard in England and Ireland is slightly different and I believe the US standard was taken from the English one!! Correct me if I am wrong in this?

Maybe the differences in standards is the reason for the different types of head and expression we see in Irish? The 'eyes - placed rather well apart' combine this with a slope rather than a stop and this may a reason for the rather bland expression some dogs seem to have. The FCI (irish) standard also asks for 'Brows raised'.
The picture shows my Int. & Swiss Ch. Coppersheen Alacrity 1984-95, combining the breeding of Fearnley & Clonageera (well known UK kennels)




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