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As I mentioned in this week's update, I was going to translate 'Merry Christmas' in several languages. I even found web pages that do this. But then I thought it would be fun to have members do the translation for us. Since I am starting this, I will take the easy one...

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year!

Make sure and add the language you are translating in. Thanks!

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Wesołych Świąt i Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! -> Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Can we add Christmas Cards and write Greetings in this Discussion? or it's only place to translation ;)?
Kellemes Karácsonyi Ünnepeket! ---> Merry Christmas!
Boldog Ünnepeket! ---> Happy Holidays!
Boldog Új Évet! ---> Happy New Year!
French :
Merry Christmas : Joyeux Noël !
Happy Holidays : Bonnes vacances !
Happy New Year : Bonne Année !

C'est ce que je souhaite à tous les membres d'Exclusively Setters
Vrolijk Kerstfeest Merry Christmas
or when you are Catholic Zalig Kersrtfeest

Zalig Nieuwjaar Happy New year ( for catholics)

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar Happy New Year

Prettige feestdagen Happy Hollydays

So for all of you
God Jul -Merry Christmas
Gott Nytt År- Happy New Year
Trevlig Helg-Happy Holidays

Zalig Kerstfeest en een gelukkig nieuwjaar
this is Dutch
Thank you for the wonderful Christmas card. What a work of art!
best wishes,
Great photo! Thanks for sharing this with us!
Judi and Annie

Great photo! Thank you for posting!
WOW Laura!

This Christmascard is superduper!




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