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What is your favourite settersong, -book, -movie, -history, -photo and -story?

Wondering while reading your posts: what is your favourite settersong, -book, -movie, -history, -photo and -story and why?

My favourite settersong is “Abergavenny,” on a picturesque town in Wales. Shannon sings praise on a red setter in this 1969 hit if I'm correct and reportedly there was an Irish setter on stage as well. Closely followed by Start me Up (Rolling Stones), could be a good song for start of a working day.

Book - The trilogy Big Red, Irish Red and Outlaw Red by Jim Kjelgaard (USA) Closely followed by T.H. White: The Goshawk. Because they portray adeventures with working Irish setters. Closely followed by the more recent UK one (inspired by Kjelgaard) for kids on an Irish setter aboard of the Titanic.

Movie - Walt Disneys Big Red. I've never seen the Bonanza-series with an Irish setter in it so this one might be still be beaten.

History - the giant task a few people set themselves up with in the fifties to restore the Irish setter into former fieldglory in the USA as portrayed in The Modern Red Setter. Closely followed by The New Irish Setter (Thompson) as you can see how the Irish setter changed from an athlete into a showclown.

Photo - The kid that was saved from a burning car by an Irish setter in St. Louis. I've still got the picture.

Story - A short story of Colin Mc Kelvie (Ireland) on working Irish setters all year around. In it is decribed work on all kinds of game so not only specialist stuff (feathers). Closely followed by a short Internet-story on Clancy howling all of the village at the time his owner was shot in Vietnam.

Whats yours?

Henk ten Klooster.

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Surprise at last some from Ireland, Frances! So I will search them up and order.

Especially Finn Maccool and the Red Dogs of Ulster is intresting. Love Irish legends, those on Cuchulainn and his son Conloch most. Nothing beat Irish tragedy.
Forgot "Ulyssus", chosen as THE novel of last century is of course Irish as well - James Joyce. Parts in it on Ch Garryowen where he is called that "bloody bastard" but also "so human he could almost talk" great as well.
I haven't seen anyone mention "The Biscuit Eater". While the 'star' is not a setter, it features several setters in the field. Cute movie : )
And the only setter song I can think of (if it's the only one I know, that must mean it's my favorite, right?) is "Shannon" by Henry Gross. I am uploading it to my home page for anyone who wants to hear it.
Joan Clancy
Great music Joan. Never knew Shannon was a song written about the passing of Beach Boy Carl Wilson's Irish Setter of the same name. Great river as well! Thanks - Henk.
I know the river well, having grown up in Co. Clare - my first setters even got to swim in it!!
Thank you for giving the history of the song. I forgot to add it.
Swimming Shannon with setters sounds super!
I know of Lorigans from Co Clare, but not Dorigans. I bet through the '6degrees of separation' theory I will find SOMEONE who knows them, lol.
I had never heard the song "Abergavenny" before, but have now added it to my playlist. I forgot to mention what a sad song "Shannon" is, so this will lighten it up abit : )
Take care,
Dorgan Gealic form is o deargain, root of which is the adjective dearg thats red, was anglicizd dargan in leinster and dorgan in munster. later is confined to co cork with respectable families of dargan tels irish families written by adward mclysaght. maybe that helps. are you a musician joan clancy
It is one of the many interests I have, but I fear you will not be adding me to the "celebraties with Irish Setters" page : )
Hey thats nice to see we have a musician here Joan. In Irish setter circles you can be famous by sharing some of your songs with us! A settersong as well????
Edward Mc Lysaghts "Irish Families" is great. Now we're talking music, O'Donovan is in as well. Comes from O Donnabhain from the Gaelic words donn (brown) and dubhan (derivative of dubh-black). Donovan the singer sang Atlantis and old breeders used to tell the story celts came from Atlantis and so Irish setters probably as well... :-)))

As for Irish setter history, you can if you like dig far deeper using Irish Families. For example in the history of the first "all red" breeders the family French (de Freyne), yes originally from France. And I was interested in Rossmore, so important in old but also modern history for Irish red and white setters (he adviced on the standard). Now Rossmore is NOT in that book. So searching a little farther. He is from ...Dutch descent! 16th century - Westenra from Amsterdam.

And yes greyhounds - saw lots of them in Ireland! Last record race I saw was by a greyhound it was hot: 32 celsius. What explosion! She was even peeing while racing....Interesting to study their movement - racing short distance versus galloping for hours like Irish setters do.

Over for enjoying some settermusic on Joan Clancy's page....
Hey Ginger! Songs were put there for YOUR benefit, lol - glad you enjoyed them! Nothing original there though........




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