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Hi everybody!!!

I don't understand this forum... Where are the messages!?!

Can I invite all the people I want, who loves the irish setters? I know a lot through my site http://iersesetter.eigenstart.nl

Kind Regards, Mirjam and my irish setter girls Jolly & Blossom

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Hi Mirjam - Welcome to Exclusively Setters and thank you for joining us. My name is Gene and I have been a Setter lover for about 15 years. I am a big follower of the Internet and one big thing right now is what is called 'social networking'. It is about connecting with people you have common interests or beliefs through the Internet. I read about a company called Ning.com last week. Ning allows you to sign up and create a social network for anything that interests you. I signed up Friday night, built the site on Saturday, and started trying to connect with Irish Setter lovers across the globe Sunday.

Anyone can sign up who is an Irish Setter owner or lover of red heads. All you have to do is invite them. As far as discussions, I have tried to add a couple to the main page to kick start some chatting but anyone can add to them, either by creating your own or commenting or replying to existing ones. There are also side conversations developing on individual member pages. I think it is neat that several people already are good friends with other people. So, you can upload photos, upload videos, post thoughts, comment on others photos, videos, thoughts, add blog postings, create groups, and add music, which I haven't turned on but but would be more than happy too.

Bottom line, I am happy with the number of people who have joined since Saturday but it is really up to the larger group on where they want to take this site. I love the fact that it has people from around the globe. I am trying to get some members to help me with the language translation on some of the text I can control. I am fearful that it feels too American and don't want anyone to feel unwelcome, so I am going to try and add some translations to give it more of a International flavor.

Again welcome and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks!
This is just the beginning...
Hi Mirjam,

as Gene already said it is up to us to make this site interesting. I like the fact that you can do so much with this site and that it is really really user friendly. The group of people already here is really nice, many experienced breeders from around the world. So I hope we can have some really interesting discussions maybe on type, history of the breed, work, character etc. We can also share show and work results, talk about the litters we have, post photos, videos etc All with real ease.
Since your lovely site is so popular maybe you can put a banner there so people can easily find this forum. The more there will be the more fun we will have.
That's a good idea. Do you have a banner Gene?
I think it is possible to make a banner above on the left side of my iersesetter.eigenstart.nl or you liked in more under the page (the banner could be bigger then).
Hi Mirjam - I wish I had a banner but I don't. People keep thanking me for this site but it was really nothing. Ning has developed a very powerful site generation engine that is very "point and click". The template is based on the standard social networking site but the areas and some of the text are very easy to customize. The only thing that really took time was trying to locate email addresses from Irish Setter related sites through Google and then trying to connect with them.

And I think Alenka has some excellent suggestions on discussion topics, especially upcoming shows, agility trials, and then results with pics hopefully. It may be worthful to have separate threads for each show, especially big ones since I could see a single thread getting very long.
I sincerelly doubt that Lana will enjoy the proper bath as much as a mud bath. Pika is sooooo upset when she must take a bath. And even more upset if we don't go to a show the next day.
I have a 14 month old bitch, Novia, who hates getting a bath in the raised tub. She likes to be bathed outside on the doggie patio on the grooming table. It gets very hot here in the low desert of Arizona and when its over 100 degrees I like to bathe all the dogs outside on a grooming table.

So what's the temperature where you live? We've been around 110 degrees each day for several weeks, but right now the monsoon season has begun and the humitity is up and the temp's in the low 100's. Yikes.

Loma and Red Friends
fahrenheit degrees i assume :) celsius would make you cook :)
we had arounf 40 celcius last week but i have no idea about the "exchange rate" to fahrenheit. gonna check it on the net.
In Ireland the weather has been horrible! Worse summer i can remember! Our temperature is usually around 20C+ but this summer a lot of days we have only reached 16 or 17C and rain almost every day since May!!!!!!!!!!!! We all want to leave the country for a while!;o)) We miss the sun and blue skies!




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