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Stockholm World Show 3-6 july...who is going?

I was never clear on how many from this site ever met up at Crufts...but now there is the Stockholm World Show with an entry of 20.674 dogs.
The setters will be judged on saturday, who will be there?
And we just MUST meet up!!!!!!!!

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i will be there with Pelle , Kilnrae Whirlwind , the Gordon and Lots of Love , Kimmo , the Irish , would love to meet!
sure this is in june Ursula?
would LOVE to be there, but sorry, can't make it.
Thank you Susan for spotting the mistake...I once missed a flight by 24 hours. I have changed the heading now...should be correct. And a great pity you will not be there :-(
you know about us ;-)
Hi Ursula, I am comming to the WW together with Birgit and Aylien who are also members of Exclusively Setters. We are flying from Berlin, without dogs, just with our cameras, video cameras and good mood ;))))) See you there!!!!
this is to confirm your certification as one of the official photographers :-)))
expect full video coverage:-))
As always - I WILL DO MY BEST ;)))))
Great Kasia!
It would be super to have ALL bitches sitting in a row (you know like you normally have them) and then a shot of ALL the males sitting in a row as well. This way we can see for ourselves if the judging was correct...:-)
Will be great to see you!
Now we just have to get a time and place as well.
I shall not be going to the circut, but stay (and work most of the time) at the actual show.
I will go but whitout a dog ;).................
Great Zatu! Looks like we are getting a small crowd together.
It will be fun to see you all in real life!!!!!!!!!
I will be there, would love to meet !




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