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Stockholm World Show 3-6 july...who is going?

I was never clear on how many from this site ever met up at Crufts...but now there is the Stockholm World Show with an entry of 20.674 dogs.
The setters will be judged on saturday, who will be there?
And we just MUST meet up!!!!!!!!

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I will be there too without dogs and love to meet.
I will be there with my two youngsters in juniorclass. Decided to leave my old Viktor home because it will be quite tirying for him, and he is 11 so he needs his rest.

See you, Kristina
I wish I could be :(((
so I need a lot of photos, videos, and Laura to remember to get me the catalog ;o)))
If someone wants to buy me a ticket from Australia, I'll be happy to go :)
I will be there, as I am judging the following weekend. My eleventh appointment in Sweden, so you can see I love the country!
Look forward to meeting you all!
*Makes immediate plans to stow away in Myra's suitcase*
I'd love to but Havana is going to be pregnant (I hope) in july.
I'll look at the photos.
Hope there will be plenty of them ;)
Have a great fun!
So far there seems to be about a dozen or so that would like to meet up. How do we go about the next step?
Anyone good at organizing that can come up with an idea?
A drink at the bar in the entry-hall?
At a given time?
And then...how do we recognise each other?
No - I just refuse the pink hats that were discussed for Crufts :-)
We will be there me and my Giza=)
I wish I could be there,but not this time...few days before show.. we expect litter from Shilla & Ardan.
We will be there - me and Conner :) I'm going to have lot of fun (hope with you all) :)
I shall be working at the book-counter of MB-Förlag, signing and selling books. But part of the time will also be spent just walking about drawing and making notes.
So look me up at MB-Förlag (no I shall not force you to buy anything :-) and lets see if we can all have a Ning-get-together. Like a drink after the BOB and before the groups start?
Will be great to put faces to all those names on this site!




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