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What is in your opinion a stylish point? Or more, what is your ideal when hunting with a dog in terms of style, range, point, ground covering, etc?Also, what fault you would be most willing to forgive ? And, how would your "ideal" from your head rank in your country's trials....
For me, I like to see a lot of desire, clean run with a nose high catching the scent. I like the dog fairly close - about hundred meters away...And when the dog catches a scent, I love to see the tail swishing from one side to another as he zeros towards the top of the scent cone. Head level and back completely straight, almost gliding towards the source of the scent. And when the dog points (depending where the bird is) all the intensity in the eyes, neck, front almost quivering with the anticipation, with the head and tail giving the straight line ( like an arrow) to the bird.
So, what is your hunting ideal? :)))))

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Ideal is an arrow, leaving at blinding speed.

Quartering fields like a swallow on four legs. After roading in freezing into a statue, kind of best painting alive. Giving away its best find after untiring galloping just for you. Ultimate bonding dog-human.

Uhuh willing to forgive....

Well my little sweetheart working with the peregrine falcon in a demonstration of waiting on, followed by a lot of public on a dyke. She just kept on flushing all those birds. Sh*****************t. Wish I would have been that falcon able to fly away:-)))) Forgiven now, she was too young.

The worst with the peregrine falcon, also the best.

Stylish search and point, peregrine falcon climbing higher & higher. High enough in a clear blue sky, ten minutes further: yes go. Like a bomb from the sky the falcon drops. Hit.

But the falcon makes a mistake, prey drops from the air. Clancy jumps high catches the pheasant hen and retrieves it, never taught her to do so.....

Henk ten Klooster.




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