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I have a 6 month old puppy. We plan to have her desexed. Can you tell me if it causes problems with their coat. Hers is absolutely wonderful at the moment.


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My vets have never mentioned having any of my dogs or bitches neutered. My parents used the practice before me and never had any dogs neutered over the years unless it was for health reasons. The 3 vets who work there now all know their clients well. They know I show my dogs and have an occasional litter and are also aware how bad the coats of Irish Setters can get once they have been neutered. They were also very supportive when I had to have my 7 year old spayed and prescribed a drug to replace the hormones to keep the coat which did seem to work very well. However for some reason she was extremely attractive to dogs all of her life which did not stop after she was spayed. I was always getting people saying 'Oh is she in season?' or whispering to their friends 'That ones in season'. I have bred 5 litters over the years and out of 27 bitches only two were spayed and they both became very incontinent. I am lucky that we have our own land that they are exercised on so even when in season they do not come into contact with other dogs.
Is the incontinent thing something with Irish setters or is that female dogs in general? I only really know all spayed females, and I mean hundreds perhaps thousands over the years, remember I work in dog food, and have never seen this. I had a female English pointer who had a nervous pee thing and that started as a new puppy and never got better. I remember the vet telling me when we spayed her at 7 months that it might improve it. It did not. She was a nervous, neurotic dog that did submissive peeing her whole life. Dare anyone yell, she would let that bladder go! But I know it wasn't due to spaying her.
We go to the same vet. Sue, I reckon he knows which battles to fight!!




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