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Amazing Birth ~ Irish Setter Puppies - 6 Week Update Video link


Earlier I posted a link to the video of our Irish Setter Scarlet giving birth to her 8 puppies on October 9, 2011.  Here is that link http://youtu.be/eXyZaiBMDJc

Here is the update video link showing the puppies at 6 weeks old, they sure grow fast.


This was quite an experience for us!  We have never raised a litter of puppies before and it's a lot of work too, but very enjoyable getting know each puppy and their individual personalities. The worst part was when all of our puppies left for their new homes.  All went to former Irish Setter owners, most who have recently lost their elderly Irish Setter.  I miss all of the puppies and am thankful I took as many pictures as I did and have these video's to always remember each one.



Rose Muffett

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They are lovely.

Just beautiful.  I would just love to have had something like this from my pups early days.

Dear Fran,

Thank you for your kind words.  Our son made both video's for us, I could never put one together as he did.  His wife is pictured with the babies in the update video.  Each person who received one of our puppies also received the 2 video's on a DVD which also had video scenes that were not used in either video.  I am so glad to have this video, I watch it often, I really miss our babies.  I actually cried when Jack's owner called me from the airport, I had just received a picture in my email (sent from their phone) of Jack with his new owner, I couldn't control my tears.  I worried so about the 2 babies who flew to their new homes.  Both arrived in excellent condition - what a relief.

If you have read Rose s posts - I am one of the recipients of her puppies - I have Shannon and Andy and they

are just the best!!  I know how hard Rose worked to give them the best start as I was on my computer every hour

on the hour and getting reports of how everything was going - she did everything perfectly and it shows on how

healthy my babies are - vet agrees with me - if you are thinking of getting a puppy - you won t go wrong getting

one of her babies - she truly loves each and every one.  I had the pleasure of actually going to her home and

seeing mom and dad and where these babies were raised - best possible coniditons - if all dogs got this start

the world would be a better place.  Rose and her Husband John are the most loving pet owners I know (of

course next to my love of the Irish).  What a wonderful video - I have something to look back on when my babies

are all grown up - which they are doing very quickly.  Everyone who was lucky enough to have one of these

babies I m sure would agree with me.  Kudo s to my friends John and Rose for a wonderful litter.

Brilliant.  Glad to hear from a puppy mom as to how wonderful they are.  Look forward to hearing more about your two as they grow up :-D

Hi Lynne,

Hopefully you will be able to visit us again when the weather improves ~ and stay a few days!  We have miles of trails here to hike, wonderful sites to see as well.  I don't think you even met our Irish Dexter cattle when you were here.  I know the weather was taking a turn for the worst and you had to leave.  I wish you lived closer than 500 miles from me! 

I'll never forget when we first met.  I had just lost my beloved Eliza Mayhem and you had recently lost Molly Dolly.  At the time I didn't think I would ever stop grieving for my girl.  I miss her terribly still, every day.  Thank you for sending my girl those lovely stepping stones for her grave.  I really appreciate your gift.

We shared many tears together over the last couple of years, and we shared happiness to with Scarlet's litter.  I am so glad that you were there online when she was giving birth.  I was a nervous wreck!  In the end, we did okay ... better than okay!  Thank you for being such a great friend.

wow...amazing video!!!!

It really is something and then she has just done a second video with them a little bit older before they

left her home to go to their new homes - I have it and she gave me her blessing to put it on here - I just

have to figure out how to get that done - I m not so computer savvy - so glad I have both of these

videos - they are a true treasure.

ah there is no better breed........ just adore my lil girl... if i had the space i would really njoy more

Thank you!  Our son did this video.  This was the first litter of puppies I have ever raised and I am 57 years old!  It was quite a learning experience.  We plan to have 3 more litters of Irish Setters.  Next will be My Sweet Candy Cane's litter (due very soon) then Fleetwood Farms Ginger Snap fairly soon.  Last will be Fleetwood Farms Little Liza in 2+ years from now.  After that - no more.  All sired by our Fleetwood Farms Jet Setter.  Aaron, our son will do the same type of video's for our future litters.

I am so thankful he will take the time to put these together for us.  The first video wasn't the best because the photo's at the beginning were not fit to the page.  One of his associates did that part of the video.  Aaron was busy on a National Geographic video job at the time so had someone else do the beginning.  He did the entire video update himself and will do Candy's video himself too.  

We cannot keep all of the puppies, but we can keep the memory of having them with us the few short weeks that they remain here.  Truly, it was difficult to let each one go.  I am thankful to have updates on all babies ... now I need to get busy and update all pictures on their webpages on my website.

Rose ,

  What a wonderful tribute to these lovely Irish babies....you did a marvelous job of raising them until time to let them go to their lucky forever homes.  These two videos made me smile and also tear up just a wee bit remembering my Irish puppies when they came home to us.  I wish so much we had such a lovely video of their arrival and early days with their Mom.  Your son did a wonderful job of telling the early stories of these precious darling puppies.  I do hope their new homes will keep in contact with you so you may follow their futures.  Looking forward to more pictures of your next arrivals.

The arrivals are here - 9 babies born yesterday - right on schedule.  Last i heard was everyone

was resting.




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