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Hi all, does anyone have any tried and tested suggestions for regaining coat condition.

I have an old boy who's almost 13 years old and these past few months I've noticed he has completely lost coat condition and is shedding in a very big way. His skin is dry and flaky and he doesn't feel nice to stroke. Although he is entire, he looks like castrated dogs look.

He needs a bath, but baths always stress him out and I'm afraid it might finish him off so I've avoided that recently. I'm hoping for some warm sunshine this weekend and maybe I'll give him a do in the garden.

I've been looking at commercial feed supplements, but what to choose? Any advice?

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Thankyou Kristina, I'm hoping for a noticable improvement, fingers crossed!!!
Is he getting the same pills like us humans?
Just curious:-)
Yes, it's a version of Levothyroxine called Forthyron.

I currently have two dogs on Anti-biotic tablets, and now two on thyroid tablets. I wrap pills in little balls of cheese, and that's alot of cheese balls every day. Anyway it's all in a good cause.

Dogs......... who'd have them!!!
Wow, what a smart lad, so shiney. Aside from that sheen, Monty looks a little like Bailey there.

I'd love to think I'll get Boo Boo back to that good a condition. Thanks for sharing that great picture Barbara.

Maybe I should take before and after pictures.

Dawn hi, there is a supplement called Viacutan which comes in capsule form. The vet suggested it but it was an unrealistic price from there. I have bought it from Animeddirect 300 tabs @ £39.45 and it is really seriously good.


How is your boy now?

julie x

Hi Julie, nice as it is to hear from you, this is an old thread, and I actually lost Bailey (Cataluna Son of a Gun) 2 1/2 years ago in Feb 2010, he was 13 1/2 years old. I miss him every day, he was my heart dog. I actually had Rory at the Vet today with what might turn out to be a tumour of some kind, so I'm feeling a bit worried about that.


Regards, Dawn R,

Just found your thread Julie,  sorry to hear about Bailey. Once they are part of our lives they stay in our hearts.




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