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Any ideas about how to stop your dog from acting like a pest to other dogs?

Hey everyone, Eva is 13 months old now. She's had level 1 obedience training. Lately whenever she sees another dog she behaves like a complete pest to the other dog and the owner. This happens only when she is off lead; she starts jumping, barking loudly and very annoyingly neglects my recalls. She is never aggressive but for other people it is very annoying and unacceptable I take her to the dog park every 2 weeks, she seems to be alright there. Normally she is quite submissive and shy but lately she has been acting so weird.. I try to let her off lead when there are no other dogs around but then how can she learn to act in the proper way? Any advice will be appreciated..  

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Hi Senem, has Eva had her first season yet ? I also have a 13 month old girl and she was very out of caracter for about 2 weeks before her first season. One incident ( and there were a few ) was my husband was out with the two younger girls in the fields and when it was time to go home she sat in the middle of the field and would not come to him. If he went towards her she ran off then sat again. After 1/2 hour he rang me and I had to go to his aid. I thought that this maybe due to her season pending, as my other girls were out of caracter just before their first season. Hope you get it sorted out, and that this is the reason for your problem.

Hi Angela, thanks for your response. Sorry I should have mentioned that Eva has been de-sexed. So not sure what the reason might be :( 

She's still very young in terms of social skills. It sounds like she's inviting the other dog to come and play!

When my youngster is being a nuisance in that way, I have to go and get him. Some people are then quite understanding, and let them get on with it, as they have to learn by experience. If the other dog is well trained, it helps, as you can use the situation to generalise your own training :)

Steo was a bit like that at that age (and older) but got chased by a gang of 3 (a great dane, a boxer and a little terrier cross breed). He ran straight to me (luckily as he was in a panic) and from then on he never bothered much with other dogs!

I hope the trainers on the site will read your post and help out.

Hi Sue, Eva has had a few negative experiences too however her memory seems to be very short term :) Thanks for your response, I 'm hoping she will grow out of this habit as she gets older.

Hi Senem, she would still be in the middle of adolescence. That can be a trying time when they are off lead etc. they get selectively deaf and just really seeing how far they can push the boundaries. Not really naughty just high jinks of a teenager. Try and read Turig Rugaas article on when puppy licence ends and the young dog. Remembering Irish Setters are such big bouncy pups for a long time. Also with training do different exercises find fun things to do tricks what ever still brain work which is tiring but fun. Good luck.

Hi Rosie, thanks for your message.I would like to think that this is a temporary period for Eva :) I started reading Turig Rugaas' articles, very interesting thanks for recommending this..

Glad you found the article helpful. You might also find helpful advice on Dog Star Daily.
Good luck.




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