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This time of year is so lovely but there is a backside of it and that is my "Titos" allergic problems starts all over again. During winter no problems at all but now bathe, wash and anoint with various ointments cortison starts. What I have read this allergic condition is hereditary to a certain extent and is more common in certain breeds, and that includes setters, so I just need to know if there is some one else with this problem and if there is some other treatment than cortison treatment who can relieve symptoms.
Must be terrible with this itchy skin all the time.

//Kristina, Cherrybloom´s

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Vad bra!!!

Tack Camilla & Ursula!
Thank´s a lot Astrid!!!

Much appreciated:-))
Allergies are a sign of a hyperactive immune system, reacting to innocuous things. One of the ways you can minimize the reactions is by increasing anti-inflammatory mediators and reducing the inflammatory ones. This can be achieved through increased intake of omega 3 fatty acids. You can give your dog, 1 fish oil capsule three times a day with food, for 3 months. Sometimes they won't bite into the gel, so you may need to puncture it with a needle and squeeze the contents into the food. This worked like a charm on my little Jack Russell. Also be careful with the food, you give your dog, as many are intolerant to wheat and dairy and sensitive to food additves and preservatives - just like humans. Choose organic or additive free, wheat and dairy free options. By removing allergic triggers from his diet, you'll help retrain his immune system; it'll produce more immunoglobulins to figh bacteria and viruses and less to it's own tissue and innocuous substances. I don't know if you can have the dog tested for food intolerances, but it would be something to consider. Hope this helps. Iva

P.S. After the initial 3 months of fish oil therapy you can maintain with 1 tin of tuna in water (for humans) a week.
Hallo, My Pajazzo has this problems to, not at all in winter but now in summer his is full of red spots, I think it have with the warmer weather and bathing to do or I always thougt it was... He also in the end of summer when its warmer starts to loose coat on his back... I have given him medications from the vet and also fish oil in capsuls... he wont take it, so I have to put it into his throat.... After struggeling... he just walks away and then he make himself puke it up... Like the girls do when they have eaten grass.... I have tryed to forse him not to... but he does it everytime, soner or later... So I have no alternative than let him be, I try to cut of the coat so he shouldent be so hot and TRY not to let him bath... He also has a lot of dandruff, but then again not so much in winter... I have tryed differnt foods, schapoos... no change. He doesent semes to have to much of a problem with it... no itching problems anyway...
Hej Mariana
I am also reducing the coat on Tito , but stop him from bathing is impossible! In case he can´t bath in the lake he goes in some little dirty pound in the woods, so I feel the lake is cleaner. Very important to drye him as soon as possible, and after that I use a hairdryer. That is the best medecine. I have also tried a new shampo who had reduced the red spots and now I am only using cortison on those red spots who pop up after the treatment. We have to work hard to make them not coming in the state to have this itching
My dog also has allergies that develop in the summer. The first year I had him I had to take him to the vet for steroid shot he was so uncomfortable. This year I have had him on fish oil and a vitamin supplement and a high quality, grain free dry food. He seems much better, even though he is not entirely itch free it is much less than before. So I am becoming a believer (and keeping the supplement folks rich, at least for now). The bright side is that Kelsey gets peanut butter twice a day when he takes his pills, which I think he enjoys quite a bit.




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