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How many of you have also had real big litters of pups, and how you have managed them and how many survived in the end! How the poor 'mum' (4paws) coped and how you helped her.
How many by natural birth and how many operations - planned or unplanned;

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Good luck Frances. The world record is as far as I know 23, USA but Dee apparently knows more (24). I've seen quite a few record litters, one of these was an I litter as well. All of which I've seen back healthy and ok as youngsters, Irish Virgin (a tip for a name?) as well.
Sorry Henk my memory, I was one out. I did say that someone would probably correct me...thanks.
Will try better next time!!!! ;0))
Its an USA record Dee, published in W.C. Thompson the New Irish Setter. It would not surprise me if there were more unpublished records above this number. As well intresting is what pups Irish setters raised, like the lion cubs published with picture in same book. And I had myself young cats fed by one of my red setters luckily not lions:-)) Seems they miss eachother after that...
Hi there Henk I had a maiden bitch (never mated) that fed a couple of kittens that I had once.
She produced so much milk when they started feeding off her, I know I digress but hey....lucky not lions........I know that one of the cats lived to 18 when an Irish Setter killed him, (not the one that fed him, nor one of mine), just another piece of useless information from me.......;0))
Irony of fate...
here you go Viv :-)




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