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What are the best meds. for car sickness? Our vet said to us Benedryl, and if this doesn't work she would use Dramamine. 

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Hi Jenifer,

I started off with ginger tablets and back flower that did help on short trips, then i progressed to Kwells, must get weight right these are human travel sickness tablets, then i was put onto Cerenia tablets. All this under the vet. This was before the real reason that it is just one car that my pup hates was worked out very quickly just unfortunate for a bit we had to use that car.

Pleas do try to work through the fear of sickness as well, first as in just sitting in the car read a paper or something with door open at first, get the pup to eat in the car, this can take three weeks or so, always have the window down at least two inches to get pressure same inside as out.  start the engine do not go anywhere, then just down the diveway and back. The next step is to go to a nice place as short a distance as poss and take pup out have a play pop him/her back in just sit there and repeat a few times so pup start to realise going in doesn't always mean starting the car, then  even start it for a while then turn off. Try and do lots of short trips with fun times rather than the vets. Also try different positions in the car some like a crate others hate it. Some like the floor back/front.

the final resort I have been told by Dr. Ian Dunbar is to do a long trip 200 Ks and that usually fixes them do try the latter first. they do tend to grow out of it.

good luck.

Both of mine have sea legs tablets.

works wonders I dont like taking or giving of any medications if I can use a natural remedy.

I tryed everything from ginger to rescue remedy to spays..nothing worked.

The drooling with Riley was as bad as being sick he would be soaked and so was Cassie where he would put his head on her lol.

They have one tablet each an hour or so before leaving the house worked wonders with mine.

Eva who breed Riley told me to do this and I am soooo glad I did.

With luck we wont need them for much longer Cassie dont have on short trips now.


Yes, it worked for Piper, but it took a couple of months!

We use Sturgeon Sickness Tablets - from Holland & Barratt.  Generally works well when very young, takes the anxiety away and as they get a bit older they no longer need the tablets.




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